Back This Truck Up.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Tyler makes Abby's birthday the best ever, Jack refuses Kyle's offer, and Adam defends Sharon to Victor.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle approaches Jack about being his mole at Newman/Chancellor. Jack tells him no. He rants about Summer already being caught between him and Victor. Kyle says it's different - there's no choice for him; he's an Abbott. Jack still doesn't want him as the mole - it's dangerous. Kyle argues, but Jack refuses. Hilary arrives with paperwork. Jack introduces Kyle to his new assistant. Kyle and Hilary chat while Jack takes a call. Kyle says they need to take things easier for Jack, who returns to find them discussing possible moles. Jack shoos Kyle away and tells Hilary that he wants to be the mole, but he's not letting his kids fight his battles.

At the park, Abby questions Tyler about his subdued mood. Tyler muses about wanting to see her happy. They kiss. Tyler tells her he has a surprise, but she has to wait. She notices his phone and sees all the missed calls from Mariah. She's not upset since he obviously hasn't answered. To prove Abby's the only one for him, Tyler pulls homemade peach cobbler out of his picnic basket - made by him. Mariah calls again. Abby tells him to take care of it and walks off. He calls Mariah and says they're not getting back together. Abby listens as he says it's over. "Yeah, I love her a lot, so please stop calling me." Abby joins him to say it's the best birthday ever. He says her surprise is shiny, sparkly, and one of a kind. He sets up a telescope and shows her the star he bought for her birthday. When they're not together, he'll look up and be home. "That's what you are to me." They kiss.

Neil arrives at home to find candles lit and Leslie waiting. They talk about the wheels of justice turning slowly - it took 12 years to find her mother's killer. Neil hopes it doesn't take that long to find out who killed Delia. Leslie tells Neil that Tyler called looking for a recipe. Neil says, "Back this truck up. Tyler's baking?" They laugh and talk about Tyler being so gone over Abby and how Leslie and Tyler have finally found happiness and stopped running. They kiss and the smoke alarm goes off - Leslie forgot her meatloaf. Neil soothes her with a kiss.

Adam gets in his SUV and hears a radio announcer talking about the hit-and-run driver. He grimaces.

Victor sees Sharon at the Athletic Club and tells her he knows what she's been up to these past few months. He accuses her of using her daughter to get Nick back. She debates his evidence. Sharon doesn't care what he thinks. He tells her she doesn't deserve to be a parent as Adam arrives. "And you do?" Victor muses about his sons jumping to Sharon's defense. Adam says anything he has in common with Nick is coincidence, and warns Victor about pursuing a relationship with Connor. Victor says he'll always be a Newman. He turns to Sharon. "You, however, will never be a Newman again." After, Sharon thanks Adam for sticking up for her. Adam says he's a bully and asks Sharon what's going on with her and Nick - he's concerned. Sharon says they're friends. Later, Leslie and Neil arrive. Neil tells her the chef is making her meatloaf. At the bar, Sharon takes her meds. Hilary arrives and tells Neil everything is going well. She thanks him. Neil tells her everyone else will come around. He greets Sharon on the way to his table. Sharon tells Hilary he's wrong - not everyone will forgive her and it's more important what you think of yourself. They bond over screwing up. At the table, Leslie is melancholy over the past. Neil says he'd travel the same road again to get to that moment. She says she's smooth.

At the penthouse, Adam and Jack discuss planting a spy in Victor's company. Adam tells Jack that Connor got the all clear and Chelsea will continue living there. They discuss parenting. Adam worries about having Victor's blood in his veins. Jack reassures him he'll be a much better father. He can make up for all he's done through Connor. Adam wishes that were true.

Kyle visits Victor at the ranch and asks for a job. He complains that Jack treats him like a kid, not an employee he respects. Victor suspects he has an ulterior motive. Kyle admits it. He says he's sick of being Jack Abbott's son - he wants to be his own man. Victor says they'll talk tomorrow. Later, Victor's investigator tells him they found no black SUVs with license plates starting with a 'G'. Victor muses it was dark and tells him to try license plates starting with a '6'.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly says, "His name was Sam and he was 7 years old." Billy says to Victoria, "7 years old, just like Dee."

Avery says to Leslie, "You're not supposed to know about this. Why would you get into it with Nikki?"

Chelsea rants about the hit-and-run driver. Adam says, "Enough! Please!"

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