The Mole.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Abby declines Victor's offer, Kyle wants to help Jack, and Summer confronts Courtney.

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Jack is looking at photos at home when Abby and Traci come in. Traci says she got a call from Victoria - Billy agreed to go to grief counseling. Jack's surprised but pleased. Kyle enters with a box of eclairs to celebrate Abby's birthday later. Abby says Ashley sent a handbag from Milan. They talk about wanting Ashley there, and the evening of festivities Jack has planned. Abby stammers - she already has plans. Jack tells her to have the time of her life. Kyle walks Abby out. Jack tells Traci he really needs the family to be together. Traci asks how he is, really. Jack says Neil helped him stay sober. Kyle overhears Jack discuss using Devon to spy on Victor. After, Kyle tells Traci he wasn't aware that Jack was struggling. Traci says they all need to find ways to minimize Jack's stress.

At the Club, Tyler tells Noah he grew up in a house where birthdays were another day - he wants to do something special for Abby. Noah laughs at how in love with her he is. Tyler admits he didn't see it coming. Noah asks if he's making future plans. Tyler says he's making plans for tonight. Victor appears and says it will have to wait - he has big plans for Abby. Tyler says they've made plans tonight. Victor notes he's taking good care of her, but says he takes precedent. He goes on to say he respects how well Tyler's done in light of losing his parents, but family comes first. Tyler mentions Victor's expensive-looking gift. Abby arrives and opens Victor's gift - it's a plaque saying 'Abigail Newman, Vice-President of Lifestyles'. He tells her to forget about Jabot, but Abby declines the offer. She and Tyler leave, followed by Noah, who greets incoming Jack and Kyle. Jack spots the plaque with Abby's name. "You're trying to steal Abby from me?" Victor chuckles. "I don't try. I do." Kyle watches as Jack gets fired up and then realizes Abby turned him down. He notes Nick wants nothing to do with his empire and Noah will soon see he's a megalomaniac. Victor warns Jack not to come after Newman/Chancellor - the stress will push him into old habits. Jack and Kyle sit down. Kyle offers to be Jack's mole at Newman.

Cane and Lily are in the sauna. Lily's still upset that Victor offered Cane a lesser job. Cane says he wants to work with Lily anyway. They kiss and then chat about what sort of business they might start. Cane proposes a life of adventure with the kids. It turns Lily on. He locks the door. Cane has his towel half off when a man opens the door and quickly closes it. They laugh.

Michael meets with the warden at the jail and says he wants to make a deal. He offers to become an informant in jail for the police - a snitch. In return, he wants a reduced sentence for Fenmore. Christine enters. She tells the warden she wants Michael to talk. Once alone, Christine confronts him about lying for Fenmore. They bicker about Fen having to take responsibility. The warden returns - he likes Baldwin's plan and wants information on Womack. Christine leaves. The warden says he can't get what they need from Womack, but his son can. Outside, Womack tells Fen he'll protect him like he did during the cafeteria incident. Fen asks what he wants from him. Womack warns him to be careful in the laundry and shop - he may need a friend. Fen tells Womack he's in for murder.

At Crimson Lights, Summer talks to Courtney about Fen being in jail. "That's what drugs will do to you." She hedges about Courtney having a problem similar to Fen's. Courtney denies using drugs. Summer says he claims she's the dealer's best customer, and points out she's never been to her house - she's hiding things. Summer says Noah thought it was weird how she took off yesterday. Noah arrives. Summer goes. Courtney asks if he has questions about her. He asks what the deal is with her family - why can't he go to her house? Courtney asks for time.

Tyler brings Abby into the park where he has a romantic dinner set up. They talk about her telling Victor 'no'. She thinks he respects her for it. Tyler isn't so sure he'll let it go. They cuddle up to keep warm. Abby suggests going for hot chocolate. Tyler looks at his phone - he has numerous missed calls from Mariah.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tyler has one more gift for Abby. "It's shiny, sparkly, and one of a kind."

Victor tells Adam that his son will always be a Newman. Victor then turns to Sharon. "You, however, will never be a Newman again."

Kyle asks Jack to give him a chance. Jack bellows, "No! You're not going to work for Victor Newman."

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- Candace Young

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