A Personal Stake.

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Adam and Alex discuss the hit-and-run in the sauna, Sharon and Nick make a date, and Michael gets himself thrown in the hole.

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At the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea he's happy about Connor's improving vision. She thinks he also feels guilty knowing he can see because a little girl died. She wonders if he's heard from his contacts yet. Adam hasn't. He warns her not to get Chloe's hopes up.

At Crimson Lights, Alex tells Kevin the food is better there now than when he owned it. They discuss the hit-and-run. Kevin is fed up with the police department's efforts. Chloe arrives. Alex assures her they're doing everything they can before leaving. Chloe tells Kevin he can't keep taking care of her at night - he's exhausted and his family needs him. Chloe can't keep taking from him. He says she makes him feel needed, which is helping him survive. Later, Noah and Courtney arrive and discuss his long hours. They make plans for dinner and kissing afterward.

Sharon arrives at The Underground where Nick is fixing the freezer. He says he called her there to discuss something and asks about the confession she was about to make in the freezer. She pretends not to remember and then says she did something she really regrets; she took advantage of him by calling him over every time Faith had a sniffle. Sharon sprays Nick with soda. He gets her back and laughter ensues. Nick says Nikki's holding an event there tomorrow - the place is cursed. It may be time to reevaluate his life...again. He suggests they do something with Faith together tonight - he wants Faith to know they're friends. Sharon beams. "It's a date."

At the jail, Fen tells Lauren he's keeping a low profile. She says Michael will try to help him. Fen says he should be the only one in there. He tells her not to visit him anymore - he can't be a mama's boy. In the yard, Michael chats up the guard, whom he knew when he was D.A., and asks him to let him speak to the warden. "If he helps me, I can help him." Fen returns to the yard and surreptitiously talks to Michael through the fence. When an inmate comes over, Michael snaps, "Mind your own business!" It turns out the guy is called Womack. Fen tells Michael it's not easy to stay away from him. Michael tells Fen to lay low - he's going to talk to the warden. Womack calls Fen over. "I'll take care of you." Womack takes Fen inside and Michael freaks out, hitting the guard in the process.

Chloe arrives at the penthouse to work. Adam is leaving. Chloe acknowledges that he obviously feels awkward about them donating Delia's corneas. Adam says there just aren't words. After, Chelsea notices Connor has a tummyache. Chloe gives brief advice and then tries to focus on work, but admits that all she can think about is Delia. She keeps replaying memories but they're slipping away. Chloe says the nights are worst but Kevin's helping her. Chloe wonders if Chelsea's still there because she needs Adam. Chelsea admits they have the same fears about parenting. Chloe urges her to cherish every moment with Connor.

Kevin and Alex discuss the hit-and-run at the station. Alex is frustrated and takes off.

Lauren meets Summer on the coffee house patio. Summer is upset about Fen dealing drugs and being in jail. She wants to visit him. Summer says it goes back to Jamie, and she wants to take responsibility. Lauren says Phyllis would be proud. They hug. After, Summer sees Noah and Courtney. They talk about Fen's dealing. Courtney abruptly leaves. Summer and Noah discuss Courtney. Summer admits that she doesn't know about her family - it's really weird, but Courtney's never invited her to her house.

Alex finds Adam in the sauna at the Athletic Club. They discuss the wacky leads Alex has received on the hit-and-run since the reward was offered. Alex can't understand someone killing a girl and going on with their life. Adam wonders how he knows that's the case. He says the reason the person didn't own up to it might make sense to them. Alex mentions Adam having a personal stake in the case. Adam says it affected a lot of people, though he's connected more than most because of his son. Alex says the guy won't get away with it. Adam says either way, it won't bring Delia back.

Lauren arrives at the jail and is told Michael's being put in the hole. Michael is taken past, hollering her name.

Alex returns to the station. Kevin snarks about him finding a clue in the sauna. Alex says, "Actually, I think I did."

Adam returns home as Chloe assures Chelsea she'll always be there.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Devon asks Jack and Jill, "You want me to spy on Victor...and what would make the two of you think I would even do something like this?"

At The Underground Veteran's Day gathering, Victor prepares to make a surprise announcement to Nikki as Dylan and Avery arrive.

At home, Billy holds a gun.

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