We're All Damaged.

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Victor and Nikki argue about Dylan, Billy visits Chelsea and Adam, and Jill learns Jack hired Hilary.

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Victoria wakes up at home and discovers Billy hasn't slept - he's still on the laptop. He says he'll sleep after he finds the person who hit Delia. They argue when he goes on a rant about how the person won't face justice. She urges him to trust her and get some sleep. Billy warns he won't stop. Vikki says Delia wouldn't want to see him like this. She talks about how they all care about him, and about Connor being able to see because of Delia's gift.

At the penthouse, Adam asks Chelsea when she'll move to her new apartment. She asks why he suddenly wants her gone. She won't move out until he tells her what is going on with him. Chelsea grills him and then decides he's terrified of being a parent. She needs Adam to be present, and thinks if they stay it would be good for Connor.

Cane arrives at the Abbott house where Jack and Jill try to get him on board against Victor. Cane's not interested. He plans to take Katherine's advice and find balance between work and family. Jill can't change his mind. Suddenly, Hilary appears. Jill is appalled to learn she's working for Jack. Cane says he warned him about Hilary but he won't listen. Hilary reminds Jill she asked her to spy on Cane, but Jill says she was testing her to see if she could be trusted. She warns Hilary, and Jack intervenes. Cane leaves, wishing them luck. Jack tells Jill that he's hired Hilary - get over it. Jill wants Chancellor, so she'll manage. Hilary, Jill, and Jack talk about putting a mole into Victor's lair.

Dylan arrives at the ranch. Victor can't believe he has the gall to show his face there. Nikki appears to save her guest. She apologizes for Victor, who doesn't like it one bit. Dylan asks why she invited him. Nikki says she's planning a Veteran's Day event. Victor takes her aside to complain. Nikki says it's her house too and she is having the event. Victor says she changed her will and is keeping something from him. Nikki stands her ground and tells him to let it go. Victor goes and Nikki apologizes to Dylan, who says it's a great cause, but he can't be a part of it. She needs to find someone else to stand up with Stitch - someone who isn't so damaged. Nikki makes an impassioned appeal for him to reconsider and shares that she's an alcoholic. "We're all damaged." Dylan doesn't think her family would approve of his involvement.

Abby and Tyler tease each other while on a break from running in the park. He's glad to see her laughing again. They discuss the upcoming holiday. Tyler says he and Leslie usually keep things low key. His cellphone rings, but he doesn't answer it. Abby looks at the caller ID. "Who's Mariah?" Tyler says she's his fiancee. He clarifies she's his ex-fiancee who wants to get back together. Abby goes ballistic. Tyler insists he hasn't lied. She says it's a lie of omission. Tyler protests that it's different with Abby. He admits Mariah broke his heart, but says Abby fixed it. Abby says she loves him too.

Victor arrives at Victoria's house. She says it's not a good time, but Billy grabs his keys and says it's fine. Once alone, Victoria breaks down on Victor about Billy. "I don't know what to do." After, she talks about trying to be strong for Johnny. If she could heal her heart she might be able to help Billy too. Victor says he used to do what Billy is doing when he got overwhelmed. He advises her to give him space.

Billy arrives at the penthouse, and says Vikki told him about Connor's eyesight. Chelsea shows him the baby. He says that's great, but won't hold him. Billy talks about the cops not finding the killer, but he's looking for him now. Later, Chelsea suggests to Adam that they repay Billy and Chloe by helping to find Delia's killer. She thinks Adam has the connections to find out about off-the-book repairs and such. He agrees to make a call, but warns not to expect miracles.

Billy returns home as Victoria and Victor are enthusing about the details of the Chancellor/Newman merger. Once alone, Victoria admits to Billy that she loves work but if he needs her, this is where she belongs. He encourages her to work.

Victor gets back to the ranch as Nikki is telling Dylan to please come to the event as a guest. Dylan leaves. Victor rants about Nikki wasting time on that man. Victor gets on the phone with his investigator about finding Delia's killer. He learns something interesting.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Alex and Adam discuss Delia's case in the sauna.

Sharon playfully sprays Nick with soda at The Underground.

Michael clings onto a fence, refusing to go back to his cell. When he hits the guard in the face when he pulls him off, the guard goes at him.

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