Body Heat.

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Sharon and Nick fight hypothermia, Jill pays Victor a visit, and Jack and Jill team up.

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At The Underground, Nick tells Sharon they are stuck in the freezer - the safety release handle is broken. They have no cell reception. Nick says the staff will be there soon. Mason arrives but has music going and doesn't hear Sharon calling. Meanwhile, Sharon and Nick recall when they were locked in the steel vault - it got hot quickly.

Noah leaves the ranch, promising to go over the projections for tomorrow. Jill arrives. He says he's sorry about her family's loss. She came to talk about Chancellor - she will never allow a merger with Newman to happen. Victor tells her she has no say in it. They bicker about Katherine leaving her company to him. Jill says she learned in Switzerland that Katherine wasn't the woman they all thought she was - she was vindictive to her core. Victor tries to placate Jill with a job, but she reminds him she used to run Chancellor and declines.

At the Athletic Club, Neil thanks Jack for finding a job for Hilary. Devon appears. They talk about the million dollar reward and Devon's new fortune. Neil is surprised to hear he's not enjoying it. Devon says it's overwhelming and mentions Victor wanting to mentor him. They discuss Katherine's reasons for leaving him the money. Jack warns him to stay far from Victor - he'll extend a hand in friendship and stab you in the back with the other. Later, Jill joins Jack and they worry about Billy. Talk turns to Newman/Chancellor. Jill complains Victor won't honor Katherine's company. Jack wants to teach him a lesson. They decide to team up to bring Victor down.

At the police station, Paul and Christine puzzle over the Basco case evidence and the Baldwins. Christine says she has no choice but to move forward with charges against Fen. Paul muses about him cutting a deal with information about Carmine's death. They agree there's no good answer. Paul realizes the crime scene photos are missing. Christine warns Paul not to feel responsible for the Baldwins. Paul gets a call - the photos were never logged in.

In the jail visiting room, Michael and Lauren discuss Fen. She is upset that they're both in prison. She explains that Fen bought drugs to get thrown in jail - enough to get convicted of a felony. Michael says he won't be able to protect him. Out in the yard, a convict eyes up Fenmore. Inside, Michael reminds Lauren he's not in the area Fen is. He says they'll work together to get Fen out. Michael goes outside and Fen talks to him through the fence. Michael warns no one can know he's his son. He tells him the ground rules for surviving jail. The convict who looked Fen over earlier says he'll take care of him as they are taken back inside.

Noah arrives at The Underground and tells Mason that no one picked Faith up after dance class. He can't reach either of his parents. In the freezer, Sharon is still talking about the hot time in the vault. Nick finds a tool and tries the door. He gives Sharon his shirt as they worry about hypothermia. Sharon suggests body heat. They hug. Meanwhile, Noah tells Mason he gave his notice. Mason says he has a new project in the works too. In the freezer, Nick thinks Sharon is going into hypothermia. She decides he needs to know what she did. At the bar, Devon comes in for a drink and drops a big tip on Mason. Devon says he produced the music he's listening to. Mason impresses Devon with his musical taste. Noah hears a cell ringing on a seat and picks it up. He goes and opens the freezer where Nick is telling Sharon to think about the vault and she is looking into his eyes. Once they are warm, Sharon asks Nick about what she said in there. He insists she said nothing to be concerned about.

Lauren arrives in Paul's office and asks Christine to have Fen moved. Christine isn't sure she can make that happen. Lauren steps out. Paul decides to go back to the beginning. In the corridor, Lauren takes a call but no one speaks.

Neil pays Victor a visit at the ranch and says Devon's not the only one who needs his advice - he does too. Neil says he respects his fathering skills - his kids have money but it's not what defines them; that's what he wants for Devon. Victor notes that inheriting is difficult - he needs to differentiate between good friends and bad ones.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki's at the ranch with Dylan. Victor demands to know why she's brought this man into their home. She says he can assume she has a valid reason, but Victor barks that he can't assume anything.

Abby notices a call on Tyler's phone from someone named Mariah. He says she's his fiancee.

Chelsea tells Adam she knows what his lying and covering is about.

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