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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Lauren learns Michael was beaten, Neil and Hilary make amends, and Sharon and Nick discuss Noah's choice.

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Christine finds Paul in his office going through the Basco murder file. He says he's sure Michael pleaded guilty to save his family, but he's not sure if he's covering for Lauren or Fen. Christine remarks that Michael insisted on Fen taking responsibility before. Paul says Fen would be swallowed up by the system. Christine thinks it could be a wake-up call - he was high the night of the murder.

Lauren visits Michael in the interrogation room and is appalled to see he has a black eye. He says the 'welcome wagon' paid him a visit in jail and left him with cracked ribs. Lauren thinks he should report it. Michael won't. Lauren rants about him seeing a doctor and stalks out. She rushes upstairs and complains to Paul and Christine that Michael was beaten. Christine says she's made some calls to move him but hasn't heard back.

At the door of her suite, Hilary thanks Neil for coming and assures him it's not a set-up. She tells him he turned out to be different than she expected. She was wrong about a lot of things. Neil muses that she's gained some insight... Hilary pulls out the letters Leslie gave her. She says they cleared up a few things - she realized her mother had a drinking problem and made a choice to drown out her pain. She apologizes to Neil for everything she did - she wanted to inflict maximum pain. They talk about living with loss. He urges her to make peace with what happened. "I'm sorry." She says she forgives him and he should forgive himself. Neil likes that she's making amends. He asks her to come to work for him. Later, Hilary cries about her mother.

Cane and Lily and the twins are all dressed for Halloween at Crimson Lights. Fen watches through the door as they play. Fen makes a call about a favor. Meanwhile, Lily tells Cane she doesn't want to take the kids to the carnival. Cane thinks it's because of Delia and says they can't be like that. On the patio, Raven arrives with drugs for Fen. He asks her to get more and says he's sick of being treated like a kid at home.

At Sharon's place, Noah tells her he's glad she seems to be doing better. Sharon talks about her new doctor having her on a new medication. He wonders if she's still angling to get Nick back. Nick arrives and tells Noah not to go there. Sharon tries to explain her thinking. Nick says she has an illness - there's nothing to apologize for. Noah gives Nick his two weeks notice - he'll be working at Newman/Chancellor. Nick cautions him not to be consumed by this. Noah says his eyes are wide open. He leaves. Sharon and Nick agree they dislike him working with Victor. Nick says he has to make his own mistakes. Sharon's worried about finding the strength to pick up the pieces if Noah's life falls apart. Nick's not concerned. He says they have to stand back and let Noah live his life. Faith comes downstairs in costume. Nick goes over safety rules for trick-or-treating. Once alone, Sharon is chastised by Cassie for not going with them and for giving up. They go back and forth about it. Sharon tells Cassie she was part of the memories she wanted to recapture - she has to let her go. Cassie says she'll be there when she needs her.

Noah meets Courtney at Crimson Lights and says he gave his notice for The Underground. She thinks he looks hot in suits. He says his parents weren't happy. She says to do what makes him happy. He kisses her. Nearby, Fen freaks out when he spots Courtney. Raven laughs and says Courtney's one of her biggest customers. Later, Nick and Faith chat about being scared over hot chocolate. He's scared she'll grow up and not need him anymore.

At the carnival, Cane and Lily decide to split up with the kids. Later, Noah and Courtney arrive and after the haunted house she teases him for being scared. They kiss. Neil arrives and meets up with Cane and Lily. He tells them what happened with Hilary and that she offered her a job. Lily threatens to resign.

Christine visits Michael in the interrogation and tells him he'll be moved. He has a bad feeling. She insists it's good. Upstairs, Lauren and Paul are stunned to see Fen brought in for selling drugs. "Looks like I'm going to prison after all."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells his P.I. that he wants him to find the person responsible for Delia Abbott's death.

Avery tells Nikki that she used her, and is still doing it right now. Nikki tears up. Nick appears. "What's going on here?"

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