Shutting Down.

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Avery is upset with Nikki, Leslie pays Hilary a visit, and Ashley reaches out to Billy.

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Avery arrives at the ranch with Nikki's updated will. She rants about Nikki making her secret hers too. Victor appears and asks about the will. Nikki says she's just updating details. Victor leaves. Avery confronts Nikki about keeping this from her family. She warns Nikki she would rather be disbarred than lie about something like this to Dylan. They debate whether Dylan should be told. Nikki says his mother's lied to his father too. Avery is appalled. She accuses Nikki of wanting her to break the news. Nikki says Avery must think Dylan should be told. Upset, Avery says that Dylan thinks he's alone now but he has family. Nikki wants Avery's help, but Avery says she can't get back the time she lost with her son.

At the station, Paul and Christine discuss the headlamp shard from the hit-and-run scene. Victor arrives wanting an update. Paul says they don't have time to give updates. Victor complains about time being wasted on Nikki's car. He offers money to get things going. Paul says the million dollars just brought out the whackjobs and tied up his men. Victor decides he'll take matters into his own hands. Later, Paul learns the piece of headlamp has a partial serial number.

At the Abbott house, Ashley said she heard she was needed. Billy's not up for this, but Ashley tells him not to leave - they need him. She embraces him. "I'm so sorry." Traci says this family always stands stronger together. Billy looks morose. Ashley welcomes Summer, the new edition, and talks nicely about Phyllis. Abby arrives with muffins and they debate about breakfast. Billy tunes out their chatter and laughter. At the table, they tell Summer about John. Ashley says he's there with them and will be there tomorrow at the cemetery. Billy takes off. Traci cries.

At the Athletic Club, Tyler talks to Leslie about Abby being torn up about her niece. Leslie thinks he's getting serious about her. Neil appears. Tyler goes. Leslie tells Neil she's been thinking about Gus and the nasty little gift that keeps on giving - Hilary. Leslie complains that they've all lost people they loved not just Hilary - she thinks she knows what might get through to her.

Hilary and Mason are in bed in her suite. They recall good times in London. He wants to go back; he doesn't like how she is in Genoa City. Hilary justifies her fight. Mason's tired of her being all about Neil Winters. Hilary informs him they won't move on until she avenges her mother's death. Mason says he's gone. Later, Leslie arrives. Hilary is rude. Leslie gives Hilary the letters Rose wrote to Gus. She says she has too much pain of her own to understand Hilary's, but maybe the letters will explain that the way Rose died is not what she thinks. Once alone, Hilary opens the letters and cries.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Victoria he's sorry about Delia. She says she can't get through to Billy - Delia was his life. "He's shutting down." She thinks Billy could use a friend right now that's not drowning in this too. Vikki gets upset thinking that Johnny won't remember Delia. Dylan says this is her grief too - it's okay to lean on him too.

In the Club dining room, Devon tells Mason to go to hell and take Hilary with him. Mason expresses regret. Victor appears. Devon says Mason was just leaving. Victor commends Devon for offering the reward, but warns him that with great wealth comes great responsibility. Victor tells Devon if he reads between the lines of Katherine's will he'll surmise her message. He advises Devon to re-read it and contact him if he wants. Neil appears. Victor goes. Neil warns Devon that Victor always has an agenda. At the bar, Mason reads about Devon's reward. Nearby, Devon leaves and Leslie joins Neil. She tells him that Hilary has Rose's letters. Neil thinks Hilary is too far gone to let it go.

Tyler arrives at the Abbott house and Abby brings him to the breakfast table. Traci explains that they've gathered to support Billy. Jack says they're hoping Abby's mom, Ashley, will get through to him. Summer has an idea how the Abbotts can honor Delia.

Ashley finds Billy in the park. He complains that they're all just pretending it's okay. Ashley says he doesn't have to pretend. Ashley says nobody knows better than her how this kind of grief feels. She says he and Jack saved her and she's scared that Billy will slip away. Billy says he can't go tomorrow. Ashley says he has to, for himself, for Chloe, but most of all to say goodbye to Delia. Billy cries that he failed his daughter. Ashley reassures him and hugs him.

Victor returns home and asks Nikki if there's something she's not telling him. Nikki says she's fine she just wanted her affairs in order.

Traci, Kyle, Jack, Abby, Summer, and Tyler put candles, flowers, a stuffed animal, and a framed photo of Delia in the spot she died. Jack tells Delia their family will hold her in their hearts forever.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Billy and Chloe stand outside the doors of the funeral home. He asks if she's ready to say goodbye to their little girl. She shakes her head Billy pulls her, crying, into his arms.

Adam cries beside Delia's roadside memorial.

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