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Friday, October 25th, 2013

Nick talks honestly to Billy, the Abbott family gathers, and Sharon apologizes to Adam.

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At the Abbott house, Neil tells Jack he's so sorry about Delia. Jack assures him he's sticking with the program. They discuss Devon's generosity. Traci arrives and Neil goes. Jack and Traci discuss Billy and Chloe bravely donating Delia's corneas. Jack says he knows what they need to do to help Billy survive this.

Nick asks Billy how he's holding up at On The Boulevard. Billy says they're closed. Nick claims to need swizzle sticks. Billy says he's a terrible liar - he asks him to leave. Nick wants to talk first. Nick understands his pain. He says he won't heal, he'll adjust. Billy scoffs. He wonders how long it took for Nick to stop missing his daughter. Nick says he'll let him know when that happens. Billy tells Nick he appreciates the honesty. Nick says it doesn't get better, but it gets easier. You get through it day by day. Nick says he's there for him. Billy thanks him. Nick reminds him his family lost Delia too - they need him like he needs them.

In the park, Adam hears a little girl laughing. Faith and Sharon appear. Faith goes to the swings. Sharon says she used to play there with Delia. She asks what's going on with him - he's being polite. Adam tells her about Connor's transplant, and that the donor was Delia Abbott. Sharon sighs. She talks about being where Billy and Chloe are - it's amazing that they were able to do that. Sharon asks if Adam's been sleeping, and how Connor is doing. Adam admits he thought the threat to Connor's sight was punishment. Sharon says he's a better person now and she owes him an apology. She regrets how she behaved toward him. He's puzzled. She says he was no gentleman, but she wasn't taking her medication. He knows, and is pleased she's back on track, but doesn't feel he deserves her apology. He alludes to his sins being worse than she knows. Sharon muses that she's seen the worst and best of him. She recalls when he helped her when no one else would; he's not as bad as people, or he, thinks he is.

In the interrogation room, Lauren coaches Fen about what to say to the D.A. Christine enters and he blurts, "I killed Carmine." Christine thinks he's desperate to save his father. Fenmore says he's guilty and ready to talk. Fen gives a vague statement. Lauren says he was high that night. Christine is doubtful. Fen says his dad lied to protect him, and now his mom is lying too. He storms out. In another room, Paul tells Michael he's trying to save an innocent man. Michael won't engage in another conversation about who he's protecting. He hollers that he's guilty. Paul yells that he's making things worse by lying. They argue heatedly. Paul says Chris might be able to work a case for Fen with no jail time, but not unless they know the real story. Michael sticks to his story. Paul says there will be an investigation into Fen's claims. After, Fen and Lauren join Michael. Lauren tells Michael that Christine didn't think Fen's story was credible. Michael wants Fen to recant, but Fen refuses. In Paul's office, he and Christine wrestle with the problem. They hug. Paul opens a ring box. "Will you marry me, Mrs. Williams?" Christine laughs and nods. Paul gets a call that they have a lead on the hit-and-run.

At Crimson Lights, Abby talks to Lily about the marketing plan she made - despite her mind being stuck on losing Delia. Devon appears. They talk about his reward. Abby says Katherine would have been impressed. He hopes it helps. Later, Neil joins Devon and Lily. He tells Devon that Jack appreciated his gesture. Devon hopes it brings answers and peace of mind. Lily says it gave her an idea to bring the family some comfort - donate part of the cosmetics line profits to the Children's Hospital Fund. Devon and Neil love it. Lily and Devon leave. Neil calls Sophia and asks to speak to Moses. "I love you son."

Abby and Kyle join Jack and Traci at the Abbott house for a meeting about Billy. Summer joins them. She tells them that she appreciates them giving her space and being an Abbott means something to her. Kyle chats with Summer and Abby hugs Traci. They are discussing helping Billy when he arrives. Billy says he's not up for some Kumbaya therapy. Ashley appears. "You can't leave now, Billy. Not when we're all together again."

At Sharon's place, she tells Nick that Faith knows Delia is with Cassie. Nick asks if Sharon's taking care of herself. She says she is taking her new prescription and something in her has shifted.

Adam punches the heavy bag in the Athletic Club.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery is telling Nikki, "It's your lie, and I resent you making it mine," when Victor enters the ranch.

Dylan says to Victoria, "You're coming to me about Billy. Who's looking out for you?"

Billy tells Ashley he can't go tomorrow. She says he's got to do it - he's got to say goodbye.

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