A Horrible Night.

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Chloe tells Esther about Delia, Kevin tells Chloe a decision must be made, and Billy needs Victoria's help.

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At the station, Alex tells Kevin there's still no news on the hit-and-run driver. Kevin says he's working on something legit that might help - he's listed the auto body shops within a 25 mile radius. Alex thinks Kevin should be with Chloe, but Kevin says she sent him away. Alex argues that he should be there regardless. Kevin goes. Later, a woman appears and tells Chavez she may have information about the hit-and-run. "It was a black SUV." She has no additional details. She thought a man was driving, but isn't positive.

Chloe is on the sofa in the Chancellor living room when Esther comes in talking about sleeping on cold meds - she wants to hear all about Delia's big night. After Chloe has told her, Esther tearfully rambles and then ends up holding Chloe. Later, Kevin arrives and Esther tells him Chloe's in Delia's room. Kevin panics, but Chloe reappears. Kevin says Chavez advised him to come back, and he needs to be there. Chloe warns she won't talk about how she's feeling. He tries to hold her hand but she pulls away and looks out the window. She says the morning will soon come and she'll have to see the world without Delia in it. Kevin says he'd turn back the clock if he could. He urges her to scream if she wants to, and she rants and cries. "I don't know what to do." Kevin says Delia is with Mrs. C. Chloe says she has a field trip next week, and her Halloween costume is ready - she's going to be Lady Gaga. She sobs that she can't do this. Kevin reminds her about what the transplant coordinator told him. Chloe says, "It has to happen soon right?" She asks how do you decide what to do. Kevin urges her to think about what Delia would want; all decisions have to be made by her and Billy. She gets hysterical about Billy. "I will never forgive him."

At home, Victoria answers the door to Abby, who embraces her. "I'm so sorry." She says Jack told her. She asks about Billy. Vikki says he took off and is blaming himself. She continues cleaning up the party decorations, and becomes distraught about missing the play and having Billy stop for the stupid ice cream. "This is my fault!" Victoria sobs that this house is never going to be the same; Billy will never be the same. Abby talks sense to her - she didn't cause this to happen.

At the park, Adam tells Billy he heard about Delia and is so very sorry. Billy angrily points out that he has no idea what it feels like. He says he wouldn't wish it on anyone - not even him. Adam asks if they know who did it, and suggests maybe the person didn't see Delia. Billy talks about leaving her in the car. Adam tells him not to blame himself. Billy questions him commiserating. "What do you want?" Adam says he's not heartless and feels just awful for him. Billy says he left Delia alone and he's paying for that mistake, and when they catch the driver, he'll pay too. Billy says he'll find him if the cops don't, which is fine. "Prison is too good for the guy who killed my daughter."

Tyler is with Noah at The Underground. He's meeting Abby there and is surprised they're closed early. Noah teases that Abby's standing him up. Tyler admits she's never been this late. "Something's up." Noah continues to tease him about getting ditched. Courtney arrives, so Tyler decides to go. Courtney talks to Noah about Adam being out, and him and Victoria being in at Newman. Noah admits he's reluctant to leave the bar because of Nick's reaction. Courtney thinks he'll back Noah. They kiss for a bit until she gets a text from someone named Zach asking where she is. She says there's a problem at home and she has to go. On her way out she gets another text, 'This better be good'.

In his parking garage, Adam looks at the headlight on his vehicle. He goes inside, has a drink, takes the fabric out of the cupboard, and then puts it back. He hears the sound of screeching tires in his head and slides down the wall onto the floor.

Billy arrives at home just as Abby is about to go look for him. He tells Abby she shouldn't be there right now. She tries to hug him, but he's not receptive. Abby goes, and Billy questions Victoria about taking down the decorations and putting away her things. He thinks Victoria wonders if they're going to just erase her presence. Vikki apologizes. "Let me help you get through it." Billy acts cold, but then tells Victoria she hasn't done anything wrong. She asks him what he needs her to do. He doesn't know - he wants to be a million miles away and yet never leave; to sit in Delia's room and close the door. He isn't anywhere, can't stop crying, and then feels guilty when he does. "I can't do this alone." Chloe appears at the door. "There's something we need to settle Billy."

Tyler arrives at the park to meet Abby after getting her text. She sobs. "It was a horrible night." Abby talks to him about Delia. He comforts her. He tells her he's not just in this for the good times - he'll be there the next few days and as long as she wants him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan says to Nikki, "I'm surprised to see you again so soon." Nikki replies, "I need to talk to you."

Alex tells Paul they picked up a black SUV just a few miles from the crime scene. Paul says, "Before the morning's out we could have our man."

Chelsea tells Adam she knows him better than almost anyone, and this isn't like him. "What is going on?"

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