Room 254.

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Adam is horrified by his discovery, Chloe and Billy cope with their grief, and Victoria tells Victor and Nikki that Delia's gone.

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Chloe sits beside Delia's empty hospital bed alone. Kevin and Victoria look in at her and worry about getting her to go home. Jack appears and tells Victoria he can't find Billy. Victoria says he wanted to be alone and was blaming himself. They agree to split up and look. Vikki says he might feel better if they find the driver that hit her. Kevin joins Chloe in the room. She refuses to leave - she can still feel Delia there.

At home, Adam flashes to just missing the dog with his car. Chelsea returns from the garage and asks if Kevin called - she's worried about Chloe. She says she got the baby's blanket from his car and found something else too - his credit card on the floor of the car. Chelsea talks more about Delia. "I guess there are no guarantees in life." Adam goes back out and looks at his headlight again. Chelsea gets a call from Kevin asking for help with Chloe. He says she's asking to see Delia, but he doesn't think it's a good idea. Chelsea agrees to return. In the garage, Adam finds the fabric from Delia's costume and is horrified. He goes in and hides it in the liquor cupboard. Adam picks up Connor and tells him he'll always protect him. "Being with you is all that matters now."

Victoria enters her dark house calling for Billy, but he's not there.

Jack finds Billy at the side of the road and says he knows, and he's sorry. "I'm here." Billy tells Jack about the play. He says it's all on tape - they should get the family together to watch and see how beautiful and talented his daughter is. Jack brings up leaving again. Billy wants to stay until he gets answers. He talks about stopping for ice cream. He says whoever hit Delia drove off. Jack gets Billy into the vehicle, but then he decides he needs to find the dog. He gets out and calls for Dash as Jack tries to convince him staying there won't help Delia.

Nikki has Johnny at the ranch. Victor joins them. They wonder why they haven't heard from Victoria yet. Victor nixes the idea of going to the hospital since Nikki looks tired. Victoria arrives acting out of sorts. She tells her parents Delia's gone. Nikki embraces her and they sob. Victor asks questions and offers to tell Nick. Victoria says she'll tell him tomorrow - maybe he can help Billy. After Victoria leaves with Johnny, Victor says he can't understand how someone can hit an innocent girl and just drive on. Nikki talks about what Billy must be going through, which prompts Victor to call him an idiot for leaving the child in the car. Nikki hollers at him to stop doing this - Billy's child is dead it's enough guilt. Victor keeps on talking about him screwing up. Nikki says losing his child is enough punishment for anyone - he'll never escape this.

At the hospital, a woman called Julie Jackson checks on Chloe, who just wants her little girl. She tells the woman that she never got to say goodbye. The woman says she can see her - she's on the second floor. Chelsea arrives and comforts Kevin, who says he loved Delia so much. Inside the room, Chloe learns that Julie Jackson is the transplant coordinator and starts freaking out. Kevin comes running and rants at the lady. Chelsea comforts Chloe who rants that she can't donate her organs - she had leukemia. Chelsea tells her staying there won't help Delia. Chloe says she's going up to see Delia. "Room 254." She goes upstairs to the room Delia is in.

At Crimson Lights, Adam overhears two cops saying they'll find the hit-and-run driver even if they have to question everyone in Genoa City.

Jack gets Billy home. He tells Jack he needs a minute alone before Victoria arrives. Jack says he'll tell the family. Billy tears up. Once outside, Jack leaves Jill a message to call him. Inside, Billy sits amid the party decorations and cries. Victoria arrives to find him watching the video of Delia in her costume.

Kevin brings Chloe into the Chancellor mansion and thinks she's in shock. He lifts her onto the sofa and she cries on Delia's pony. Kevin asks her to listen - something good can come from this.

Adam returns home and Chelsea tells him Chloe's destroyed. She says it didn't have to be this way - the driver could have stopped and called 911 and maybe Delia could have been saved. Adam tears up. Chelsea thinks something's going on with him. He says she's right. "This is killing me."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch tells Dylan he doesn't buy it that there's nothing going on between him and Avery.

Nick tells Avery that Sharon's the love of his life; he never got over her.

Victoria says to Billy that he can't just keep watching that video over and over; she really thinks it's doing him more harm than good. She reaches for the remote and he says through gritted teeth, "Don't touch that."

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