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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Chloe is devastated over Delia, Alex vows to find the hit and run driver, and Chelsea breaks the news to Adam and Jack.

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At the hospital, Victoria and Chelsea watch through the room window as Billy breaks the news to Chloe about Delia. She screams, cries and becomes hysterical as she protests. Billy pulls her to his chest. Chelsea enters. Chloe wants to see Delia. Billy doesn't think it's a good idea. He hands her the ring Delia was clutching. Chloe flashes to giving it to her before the play. She collapses in grief. Billy steps out. Victoria watches him agonize, helpless.

At the station, Alex tells Kevin that there was an accident on Route 7 and Delia was injured - it was a hit and run. Kevin becomes frantic. Alex says he'll take him to Memorial.

Alex and Kevin arrive at the hospital. Billy ignores Kevin's questions about how Delia's doing. Victoria tells Kevin they did everything they could. "I'm sorry." Kevin stammers and asks for Chloe. He finds her in the room and holds her tight. Alex tries to get a statement from Billy who seems unable to speak. Victoria begins to explain that Delia was in a play earlier. Billy interrupts to say she got a standing 'o' and tells the rest of the story about stopping for ice cream. Victoria sobs. Billy says he went into the market and left Delia in the car. Chelsea emerges from the room and tells Billy she's so sorry. Billy scoffs. He wonders why no one is saying what they all know - she was at the side of the road because he left her alone in the car. Vikki insists it's not his fault, but Billy won't listen. Vikki says it was an accident. Alex says it was a crime - a hit and run. In the room, Chloe rambles and cries to Kevin. "I can't not see her again," she sobs. Kevin vows to stay with her. They emerge in time to hear Alex say the driver stopped and then drove away again. He promises to find the person and prosecute them. Kevin starts hollering about what he can find out. Alex tells him he must back away, and Chloe needs him. When Chloe realizes that Billy left Delia alone in the car she tells him it's his fault. She slaps him. "You killed my baby girl!" Kevin grabs her. She gulps, cries and screams at Billy. Kevin reminds her that Billy loved Delia. Chloe turns on Kevin and says it's his fault. If she hadn't been on that stupid date her daughter would still be alive! Nearby, Billy tells Victoria that Chloe was right - he never deserved Delia. Vikki soothes that Chloe didn't mean any of that. Billy walks away. Kevin reminds Chloe that 'I love you' was the last thing she said to Delia - she got to say goodbye. Chloe re-enters the trauma room.

At home, Adam checks his headlight and tells himself the damage could have been there for weeks. He doesn't notice a shred of cloth hanging down. Inside, he cuddles Connor. Jack arrives complaining about The Mustache being in fine form. He wants to strike back now. Adam is subdued. Jack warns Adam not to let Victor get inside his head, or he wins. Jack goes on about how they'll go after Victor by stealth. Adam tunes him out, but says he's with him. He admits he's at a precipice in his life. Jack realizes Connor's eye condition is weighing on him. They talk about feeling helpless as parents to fix things. Adam says Connor needs a corneal transplant - they need a donor. Jack tells him to have faith they'll find one. Adam says he can't just let go or it will all unravel. They get to discussing Adam's stress. Jack wonders if it was wise to move Chelsea in. Adam says she and the child need each other. Chelsea arrives. Adam asks how she is, and then realizes Jack doesn't know. He tells him it's Delia. Chelsea explains it was a hit and run. She chokes out, "She didn't make it. Delia's gone." Jack says the driver deserves to burn in hell. He immediately leaves to find Billy. Adam asks Chelsea if they know who did it. Chelsea doesn't think so. She says Chloe and Billy are broken and will never be the same. Connor cries. Chelsea goes to get his blanket from the car. Adam thinks about swerving to miss the dog, and then goes to comfort Connor. At the car, Chelsea drops her keys and picks them up, but doesn't see the scrap of fabric on Adam's vehicle.

At the station, Alex barks orders about the surveillance cameras from the hit and run area.

Jack arrives at the hospital and hugs Victoria, who says she can't help Billy. Jack wonders where he is.

Billy walks to the side of the road where Delia died and sits down.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor says to Nikki, "He left that baby in the car by herself! How can he do that?"

Jack tells Victoria, "Nothing is going to make him feel better tonight." She says she knows what could - if the police find the driver of the car that hit Delia.

Chelsea says to Adam, "I hope the bastard who did this is suffering."

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