Where's My Little Girl?

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Delia is rushed to the hospital, Nikki talks to Johnny about her son Dylan, and Chloe gets horrifying news.

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Vikki is preparing to welcome Delia at home when Nikki arrives wanting to spend time together. Vikki tells her about Delia's play. They discuss Johnny's fever and Connor's eye disorder. They feel bad for Chelsea and even Adam. Nikki asks Victoria about working with Victor again. Vikki is more worried about Victor wanting her to help him get to know Connor. Nikki asks about Johnny getting to know Chelsea and warns Victoria not to leave it too long or it could be difficult. Vikki wonders what's going on with her. Nikki mentions a decision she's unsure about.

At the side of the road, Billy pleads with the paramedics to save his daughter.

Adam drives home, thinking about Connor needing corneal transplants. Once at home he pours a drink and rants to Chelsea about this being karmic payback for him. Chelsea mentions having to wait, but Adam hints he'll go to the black market if he must. He makes a call. Chelsea talks about preparing for the worst, but Adam insists he will get corneas for his son. Chelsea says she wants to tell him she's sorry, but admits if she could do it over, she'd find a way to keep the truth from him so no one else got hurt. Adam sarcastically says that's quite an apology. They bicker. Chelsea apologizes for Connor not knowing him. Adam says he will.

At the hospital, Billy frantically begs the staff to tell him what's going on with Delia. Billy refuses to leave her side and urges her tearfully to be strong as she's wheeled into a room. A distraught Billy is given the ring Delia was holding. An officer attempts to question him and Billy gets temperamental. Alex intervenes. Billy tells him what happened. "I'll never leave her alone again." A doctor emerges and says they're doing everything they can. Billy dials Victoria and shakily tells her there was an accident, Delia was hurt, and it doesn't look good.

In the movie theater, Chloe and Kevin kiss and then whisper about how Delia pushed for Chloe to ask him out. As the movie ends, Chloe's cellphone shows 4 missed messages. They get into the car and talk about taking things slow - for Delia's sake as well as their own. They notice police cars.

Chelsea takes a call from Victoria at home. She says she doesn't know where Chloe is and asks what's wrong. She hangs up and tells Adam that Delia was hurt - it seems she may have been hit by a car while chasing her puppy. Adam flashes to stopping for the dog. He goes out and looks at his vehicle, and finds a sliver of orange plastic missing from his front headlight.

At the hospital, a doctor tells Billy, "I'm sorry Mr. Abbott." Billy watches his lips move as he explains the combined injuries were too much for her little body. Billy sobs, "Are you telling me my daughter's...Delia's dead? I'm sorry..." Soon Victoria arrives. Billy manages to tell her that he lost Delia. She holds him. As Vikki sobs, Billy pushes away and goes into Delia's room.

At the roadside where Delia was hit, Alex and the police investigate. He notices a piece of orange plastic from a car's headlight. He wonders what kind of animal runs down a girl and drives away.

At Victoria's house, Nikki reads to Johnny. She tells him he has another uncle...his name is Dylan. She muses about all the 'firsts' she missed with him, and wonders what it would have been like if she'd kept him. She wonders if things would have been different for Adam if he'd been raised by Victor. She talks about Vikki loving Johnny like her own and thinks it was the same for Dylan. She rocks Johnny.

Chloe and Kevin canoodle in Crimson Lights before he needs to get going to work. She notices her missed messages. They agree to do this again soon, and he leaves. Chelsea arrives. Chloe rambles about Delia rocking as the Wicked Witch and having a great night. Chelsea abruptly says they have to get to the hospital - there's been an accident.

At the station, Kevin asks Alex, "What's shakin', Bacon?" Alex says he's surprised he's not with Chloe and asks how she's holding up. Kevin wonders what he's talking about.

Chloe runs into the hospital shouting, "Where is she? Where's my little girl?" She turns to see Victoria, who is a wreck, saying her name. Chloe asks, "How bad was the accident?" Victoria can't answer and convulses with tears. Chloe enters the room calling for Billy. She clutches her hair and shakes her head as he breaks the news.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Alex tells Kevin there was an accident on Route 7 and Delia was injured. Kevin asks, "My Delia?"

Chelsea tells Jack and a distraught-looking Adam that Delia didn't make it. "She's gone."

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