Dad & Delia.

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Chelsea reassures Connor, Chloe and Kevin reconnect, and Billy finds Delia unconscious on the roadside.

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At the hospital, Chelsea tells Connor that everything will be okay - Mommy and Daddy will take care of everything. Connor fusses as she carries him out of the doctor's office.

At the movie theater, Chloe and Kevin kiss in the back row. They smile at each other and keep watching "Pretty In Pink."

On the road, Adam hits the brakes and swerves when he sees Dash. He gets out and the dog's okay. He keeps going, listening to the radio say it's going to be a cold night.

Billy exits the store, sees the empty car with the door open and begins calling out for Delia. He spots her witch hat in the roadway. Suddenly he sees her on the side of the road unconscious. He rushes over and calls for help. He calls 911 and says his daughter is breathing but won't wake up. Billy keeps her warm and talks to her while he waits. As he talks he envisions the happy scene that might have played out when they arrived at home. Billy tells Delia she's tough like her mom and she's going to beat this because their favorite holidays are right around the corner. "You have so much ahead of you." He imagines her as a young teen, complaining about Johnny and going on a date with a guy she says has a tattoo and tongue-piercing, but is actually quite normal. Billy tells Delia, "Come on, baby, let's beat this. Wake up, let's beat this." He talks to her about how much she loves school - she's so smart and so beautiful. Billy imagines her college graduation at On The Boulevard. She has a business degree and loads of options, but decides she wants to work with her father, so they rename the restaurant Dad & Delia, and later she gets engaged. Billy snaps back to the present and tells Delia he can't let her go. He reminds her of the time they wished on stars and decided heaven smells like cookies. He pleads with her to open her eyes and look at the stars, and then imagines what her wedding day would be like. He envisions giving a speech, proposing a toast, and sharing the father/daughter dance. Still waiting for the emergency rescue, Billy tells Delia he's scared. He imagines visiting her in the hospital after she has her first child and cradling his grandson, whom Delia names William. Sirens indicate the arrival of the emergency rescue. Billy kisses Delia's hand. He tells her he's so proud of her as the paramedics rush over and attend to her. He imagines a grown up Delia telling him she and her family are moving away and trying to convince him he can say goodbye. "It's going to be okay. Dad & Delia will always be the same... You have to let me go, Dad." At the side of the road, the paramedic shouts, "We're losing her!" Billy begs them to save his daughter and cries, "Dee Dee!"

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Billy calls Victoria and tells her there was an accident. "Delia's been hurt and it doesn't look good."

At the roadside, Alex holds up a piece of orange from a car light and muses, "What kind of animal runs down a girl and just takes off."

Adam notices a piece of his car light missing and looks puzzled and concerned.

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