The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Adam and Chelsea gets news about Connor, Delia stars in the school play, and Nikki becomes emotional while talking with Dylan.

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At home, Billy videotapes Delia coming downstairs dressed as the Wicked Witch as Victoria cheers. Billy, Delia, and Dash head out, leaving Vikki to wait for the sitter.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Kevin that Delia is having a last rehearsal at Billy's before the play. She suggests they take in a movie after the play. Kevin says, "It's a date."

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam anticipate Connor's appointment with the ophthalmologist. Victor shows up looking for a signature on a document. Adam wonders if he's a courier now. Victor wants to get to know his grandchild. Chelsea says no way is he getting near her son - she sees how he treats his own. Adam sends Chelsea on ahead and reiterates to Victor that they've cut ties as family. They bicker. Victor mocks him for making a family with a con artist. Adam thanks him for being the kind of father no one should aspire to be.

In the car, Billy gives Delia advice about stage fright, telling her to think of her happy thing. He says his is her.

In his car, Adam calls Chelsea over speakerphone to say he'll see her soon.

At the school, Delia and Billy greet Kevin and Chloe. Kevin and Delia take Dash backstage. Billy and Chloe talk about their daughter being a star and sitting in the front row.

Victor arrives at Victoria's house to see Johnny. He complains about the situation with Adam and tells Vikki she's the future of their family business. Victoria warns she won't help Victor see Connor. Victor asks Victoria to be in charge of the Chancellor/Newman merger. Victoria's excited. Billy calls. Victoria tells him the sitter hasn't come - she won't make the play. She asks him to grab ice cream on the way home.

At the doctor's appointment, Adam and Chelsea discuss Victor. Adam says he has his own family now. She asks if that includes her, but the doctor appears. He says Connor has Peter's Anomaly and needs corneal transplants or he'll go blind. Adam wants to know how to put Connor at the top of the donor list. The doctor says they must wait. Upset, Chelsea tells Adam that they must wait for someone to die. Adam reassures her. She asks if he'll try to cut her out of Connor's life. Adam says he's seen how much Connor needs her. He wouldn't take that away from him. Adam says he'll give him the sun, the moon, the stars...and a family. Chelsea throws herself into Adam's arms. "Thank you!" The doctor returns. There are no corneas available. Adam is panicked. He explains how difficult life was for Hope being blind - he can't let that happen to his son.

At the coffee house, Dylan tells Nikki she looks pale. He wonders if she blames him for coming between Avery and Nick. Nikki assures him it's better they faced up to the truth. They talk about Connor. She's sorry for what Dylan went through. Dylan agrees it's better to know now. He mentions being a bartender previously, so Nikki decides to open up. She talks about doing charity work to assuage guilt, and a decision she made many years ago. She cries that the truth about it might make someone hate her. Victor appears and assumes Dylan upset her. Dylan excuses himself. Nikki is furious with Victor for bullying a stranger. She goes, and Victor threatens Dylan if he comes near his family.

After the school play, Delia raves about her standing ovation. She gets hugs, flowers, and a ring from Chloe. Kevin and Chloe say goodnight, and Billy heads out with Delia and Dash.

At the park, Nikki tells Katherine she found her son but couldn't say the words 'I'm your mother' in case he didn't want to hear it. She wants to get to know him. "You were right, Katherine."

In the car, Billy phones Vikki, who reminds him to stop for ice cream. He parks at the store and tells Delia he'll be out in a minute. He leaves her with Dash. Delia rolls down the window and hollers at Billy to bring the dog some water. He goes inside. Delia opens the car door and Dash runs up the road. Delia gets out and finds him in the trees at the roadside.

Chloe and Kevin exclaim about loving "Pretty In Pink" at the theatre. Kevin puts his arm around her.

Adam, upset about the dire situation his son is in, drives fast up the road in his car. Delia's dog, Dash, runs out in front of him. He brakes and veers to the side. He gets out, sees that the dog is safe, and continues on his way.

Billy exits the store, sees the car door open and starts calling out for Delia.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam continues driving.

Billy calls out for Delia and finds her witch hat in the road.

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