Back To Square One.

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Adam gets the DNA test results, Paul tells Nikki what he's learned about her son, and Michael refuses Avery's help.

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At home, Billy and Victoria talk about the energy they just expended upstairs and flirt over ice cream. Johnny cries. Billy needs to have a talk with that boy. Johnny won't go back to bed, so Billy decides to take him for a car ride.

At the ranch, Victor hears Nikki leaving Paul a message to call her with what he knows about her son. He asks what that was all about? She realizes he assumes it was about Nicholas and lies that it was a reporter asking about the canceled wedding. Victor grumbles about Avery wanting to be with another man. He tells Nikki he's going to drop in on Victoria to see Johnny. She knows it's about work. Victor says he wants to make up for lost time with his daughter. Once alone, Nikki looks at her phone and decides to go out.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Stitch he's staying in Genoa City. Stitch is pleased. He asks what changed his mind. Dylan claims he listened to what he said about running and tells Stitch he's proud of him. Billy shows up with Johnny and talks about Chelsea with Dylan, who saw her as a lifeline; a chance to start over. Billy reassures him and talks about always being grateful to Chelsea for Johnny and letting Victoria be a mom. He asks what's stopping Dylan from getting back with her.

Avery opens her door to a frantic Lauren who says Michael needs her help. "Carmine Basco is dead." Avery marvels at Carmine showing up at the Club. Lauren demands to know if Avery will represent Michael or not.

In the interrogation room, Paul questions Michael's version of the events in the alley. He can't understand him being so quick to confess - something's not right. Michael insists he offed Basco so he'd stop hurting his family. He compares it to Paul having to shoot Ricky. Lauren arrives with Avery, who is left alone with Michael. He says she can't help him - he's pleading guilty and she can't talk him out of it. Paul takes Lauren to his office and asks how Fen reacted to the news about Michael. Lauren hedges that they'll stick together as a family. Paul leaves. Nikki arrives and has a curt exchange with Avery about Nick. Avery tells Lauren that Michael refused her representation. Lauren rejoins Michael and wishes he'd told the truth. He says they have to save their son and warns that it's an open and shut case now, but if anyone looks too closely, it won't be. He asks Lauren to find Fenmore and make sure he keeps his mouth shut.

At Victoria's house, she tells Victor that Johnny's out with Billy. Victor is happy about her success on her trip. She says it wasn't exactly easy, but admits she got a rush negotiating. Victor talks about running both companies now that he's forced Adam out of Newman. She complains that he 'forgot' to tell her about Jack losing millions - he was hoping to cause trouble in her marriage. She won't tolerate it. Victor groans when she says they're trying for a baby again. Billy comes in and suggests Victor go home.

Chelsea and Adam hover over the baby at the hospital. They will both stay the night with him. Chelsea worries about him being poked and prodded. Adam assures her he knows they're there. Chelsea remarks on them being 'we' again. Adam says he made the company his priority, but his son is his priority now. He gets a text and steps out. Stitch appears. She talks about Dylan. Stitch says he's not leaving, not that it's her business. Adam returns and Stitch says the baby's vitals are good and his fever is down. Chelsea asks Adam where he went. He got the DNA results. He tells Connor, "It's official. I'm your daddy." He says he'll have his name put on the birth certificate and then will be a father to his son. Later, Adam watches Chelsea sleep with the baby. Stitch tells him his son will be okay.

In the alley, Paul flashes to shooting Ricky. Alex updates him. Paul notices something odd about the dumpster and finds the bullet in the wall behind it. Later, Alex notices the hole.

Paul returns to his office and talks to Nikki about the alley reminding him of Ricky. Nikki says she got his message. Paul explains the adoption mix-up and says her son is alive - not only that, but he's somewhere in Genoa City.

Dylan runs into Avery in the park. He's trying to figure out where everything went wrong and always ends up back at the same spot. Avery nods. Dylan says they're back to square one. "Makes you wonder if we could do it again. Could we get it right?" Avery says they can't right now. She's not ready and she's not sure it will ever happen.

Outside the suite, Lauren takes a call from Michael. She says she can't find Fen anywhere. She enters and sees Fen asleep on the couch.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul says to Michael, "Tell me why you lied about the way Carmine was shot."

Fen hollers, "I'm going to the police and I'm telling them everything!" Lauren growls, "No."

Jack phones Nick and says he's in Georgia with Phyllis and she just squeezed his hand. Nick, sitting with Sharon, asks, "Is Phyllis coming out of her coma?" Sharon looks up.

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