The Other Shoe's Going To Drop.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Victor wants to cut a deal with Jack and Adam, Dylan reads Chelsea's letter, and Nick makes his position clear to Sharon.

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Nick paces around the tackhouse and looks at a photo collage Faith did of him, Sharon, and her.

Avery finds Dylan's St. Christopher medal behind her sofa cushion at home.

At his place, Dylan reads Chelsea's letter. She regrets causing him pain and wants him back. Avery calls and wants to bring over his necklace. He tells her to come by, scrunches up Chelsea's letter, and throws it away.

In the park, Chelsea recalls being with Dylan. She tells Connor she really screwed up this time.

At the Business Woman of the Year dinner, Gloria introduces Lauren and the sex tape starts playing. Michael shouts, "Turn it off!" Fen rushes out. Michael follows. Gloria apologizes for the technical difficulties. Lauren thanks everyone and ends the festivities. In the hall, Michael tells Fen they can't let Carmine get to them. Fen angrily says he already has and runs again. Michael rejoins Lauren, who is laying into Alex. Michael says Fen took off. Alex promises to get Carmine. Outside, Carmine, in a cop uniform, checks his gun. Inside, Michael asks Kevin to take Lauren to their suite. Kevin leaves Lauren with Gloria and Chloe and goes to help Michael. Outside, Fen has a temper tantrum. Carmine watches. Inside, Lauren gets a text from Carmine saying he has Fen and to come to the alley outside. Lauren distracts Gloria and Chloe and takes off. In the foyer, Michael gets a call from Carmine. Gloria and Chloe appear saying Lauren gave them the slip. Michael gets another call from Carmine and hears a gunshot. Michael returns to the suite and sees Lauren's phone on the floor. He reads the text, runs outside, and sees Lauren standing over Carmine's body.

At Adam's penthouse he and Jack bicker over whether Newman is sunk. Jack wants to rebuild. Victor calls - he's coming over to settle old debts. Adam hangs up and says to Jack, "The other shoe's going to drop." Adam apologizes to Jack, who is unfazed. He says none of Victor's children measure up in his eyes - now Adam can move on. Victor arrives. Amid bickering over why Newman became worthless, Victor offers to buy it. Adam and Victor spar verbally. Jacks says, "We'll let you know." Victor runs into Chelsea outside. He beams at Connor. "You're my grandson." Inside, Jack tells Adam he was wrong about rebuilding Newman; Adam needs to build something of his own. As Chelsea enters, Jack says, "Do it for your son, Adam." Chelsea tells Adam the baby's been fussy. Adam tells Jack he's right; he has to let it go. Later, Chelsea calls out to Adam that Connor's burning up.

Sharon finds Nick holding Faith's collage at Crimson Lights. He hopes she's not encouraging this. Sharon says any child would want their parents together. Nick feels Faith needs a reality check - all they're going to be is friends. Sharon says she's hurting for him. She suggests he reevaluate things. Nick appreciates her concern, but he'll deal with it alone.

Avery spots Nick in the park. She sees his black eye and asks if he fought with Dylan. She feels sick about everything falling apart. Nick says it was her choice. Avery says he could have fought harder. Avery says she'll take half the blame, but his track record isn't great. Nick wonders if she's looking for his blessing to be with Dylan. She says Dylan's leaving town.

Jack stops by the ranch and tells Victor he's a disaster as a father. Victor counters that he's a loser and invites him in. Jack wonders why he keeps testing his children. Victor says no one gave him a break, why would he give Adam one. Jack muses, "Because he's your son." Victor rants. Jack tells him they'll accept a reasonable offer for Newman, but it's a hollow victory - Victor will end up alone. Victor warns him to watch Jabot or he'll swoop in and take it too.

Avery returns Dylan's necklace. He tells her he's not leaving town - he's tired of running. Avery wonders if he'll get back with Chelsea. He nixes that idea. He thanks her again for his necklace. They hold each other's gaze until she leaves.

Adam and Chelsea arrive at the hospital with Connor.

Nick returns home to find Sharon there. She thinks she got through to Faith, but is tired of letting her down again and again. She leaves.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor asks Nikki about her doctor's appointment.

Devon visits Hilary. He says they're going to talk, and end all this.

Michael asks Lauren if she killed Carmine.

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