Every Way But One.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Carmine crashes Lauren's big event, Chloe reaches out to Kevin, and Paul learns more about Nikki's son.

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Chloe arrives at Billy and Victoria's place to pick up Delia. They discuss the puppy. Chloe muses that maybe she should get one despite Esther's dislike of them. Delia appears. "You don't need a puppy, you need Kevin." She notes that Chloe's sad when she looks at photos of them. Chloe and Vikki discuss the situation. Chloe tells her they're not getting back together. Vikki thinks she wishes that were different. Chloe talks about Kevin's stealing. Vikki compares it to Billy's gambling problem. Chloe guesses Kevin's stopped stealing... Vikki is glad she gave Billy another chance. Later, Billy asks Victoria about her talk with Chloe. She tells Billy they really are back on track in every way. He says, "Every way but one." She realizes he means getting pregnant. They decide they still want one and decide to skip Lauren's dinner to have sex.

Alex and Kevin argue in a police car while staking out Lauren and Michael's building. Kevin says he kept his car immaculate - it drove Chloe nuts. Alex says he's always bringing her up. Kevin is frustrated by Carmine not showing up. Alex insists stalkers like him come back. Kevin admits he's working on a program to track suspect behavior. It tells him they're looking at the wrong set of doors. They decide to leave some men there and move on.

In their suite, Michael and Lauren are surprised by Fen, who got a pass, as they prepare for the Business Woman of the Year event. They are forced to tell him Carmine escaped. Michael assures him they have round the clock protection. Fen is perturbed that they still don't trust him. They didn't want to risk his treatment. Lauren says he won't come near them tonight - the Club is crawling with policemen. Downstairs, Carmine, dressed as a policeman, looks at Lauren's picture. Gloria appears and yammers about presenting the award to Lauren. Carmine disappears. Upstairs, Fen isn't convinced they're safe, but Michael and Lauren reassure him as they head downstairs. Carmine spots them and ducks out of sight. Lauren tells Michael and Fen she feels safe as Gloria greets them and proposes a toast to a night they are destined never to forget. As Gloria talks about Jeffrey being sick, Lauren gets a chill and flashes to struggling with Carmine. Lauren reads a note with well-wishes from Jill.

At the hospital, Dr. Costner tells Nikki her symptoms indicate an imminent flare-up. Stitch listens. Costner soothes that it may not be a relapse. He warns she must get enough rest and quizzes her on her sleep and how much stress she's been under. Costner cautions her, and says he'll try a new medication. Costner steps out. Stitch tells Nikki he hopes her stress will pass. He suggests exercises and tells her to call him Stitch instead of Dr. Raymond. They're joking as Costner returns with her prescription.

At Pamela Harrison's apartment, Paul gets the door slammed in his face. He knocks again and sticks his card under the door. She realizes he's from the police and invites him in. Over tea, Paul explains about Nikki's situation and asks for her sister's contact information. Pamela says Penny died...and took her secret to the grave. She says she swore never to tell - it's been hard keeping it inside. Paul suggests she free herself. Pamela talks about her sister using the baby to win her ex-boyfriend back, by claiming it was his child. Paul learns he died too. Paul asks, "What about the boy? Where is he now?" Pamela has no idea. Her sister moved away because she was afraid she'd tip off her husband. Pamela has pictures of him from Christmas cards and knows he served in the military overseas. She can't find a picture readily, so Paul asks his name.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Delia talk about her upcoming sleepover party. Delia worries about Chloe being alone. Chloe admits she doesn't have as much fun as she used to. Chloe calls Kevin and invites herself to be his date to the Businesswoman of the Year dinner.

Kevin and Chloe arrive at the Club as Gloria takes the podium. Alex looks around and checks with another cop who says there's been no sign of Basco. As Gloria's speech wraps up and Lauren takes the podium, the sex tape starts rolling on the screen behind her. Everyone gasps.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Adam something's wrong with Connor - he's burning up!

As Carmine grips a gun, Alex promises, "We're gonna get this guy, I promise. He's not going to get away this time."

Nick says to Sharon, "Faith needs to understand, Sharon, that we are friends, and that's all we're going to be."

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