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Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Neil pays Hilary a visit and gets a nasty surprise, Nikki defends Chelsea when she faces-off with Victor, and Nick is concerned about Noah's job offer.

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At the tackhouse, Noah notices Nick's black eye. Nick wants to go for breakfast, but Noah says he's meeting Grandpa. He admits Victor offered him a job. Nick warns him to be careful. Noah says he knows what he's getting into. Nick muses that he thought he did too.

At the Club, Victor stops Chelsea to see the baby. She's rude. He tells her she doesn't deserve to be his mother. They bicker. Victor says she's the same two-bit con he hired to seduce Billy Boy Abbott and now she's involved in a scam with that delusional war vet. Nearby, Nikki and Paul discuss Chicago. Paul gets a text about an adoption mix-up and leaves. Nikki joins Victor and Chelsea as he bellows that she gave up Johnny because she couldn't be bothered with him. Chelsea warns Victor to stay away from her son. They argue until Nikki hisses at Victor to stop. She defends Chelsea. Chelsea thanks Nikki and goes to meet Devon at a table. Devon says he's giving her creative control. She asks what's going on. Devon says he's got a couple billion things on his mind. Connor fusses so she goes. Nikki and Victor watch her, and start bickering again. Victor asks Nikki why she's defending a grifter? Noah arrives. He asks Victor about trashing Newman. Victor says he shouldn't believe everything he hears. Nick appears. Nikki leaves for an appointment. Nick warns Victor about trying to come between him and Noah. Noah says he can decide for himself. Nick wants him to know what he's getting into. Noah leaves. Nick tells Victor, "Don't do this."

At the park, Cane and Lily send the kids to play and discuss Cane firing Hilary. Lily thinks she should be in jail and she's still a threat. Later, Lily agrees that Cane's right, she should focus on their family. They discuss Victor owning Chancellor Industries. Cane admits it was a surprise, but he respects him. He admits he's relieved to let him take the reins. Lily asks why. Cane talks about all the plans for his family. They kiss. The kids shout, "Ew!"

In her suite, Hilary is trying to reach someone on the phone because they have a lot to celebrate. Neil arrives. They discuss what happened to her mother. Neil says he'd go back in time and produce a different outcome if he could. Neil offers to do whatever she'd like to make amends. He invites her to keep hating him, but leave his family out of it. Hilary cries. She talks about her mother being her best friend, and the day she got the call that she was dead. She talks about what followed - burying her mother, leaving school, bouncing from one city to another. Neil says the night they met, her mother talked about her. "She loved you. Don't ever forget that." Hilary says she never will. Neil offers to set up a scholarship in Rose's name at her Alma Mater. Hilary says she'd like that. She offers him orange juice to toast, but there's alcohol in it. Neil spits. She says she's getting him drunk - like he did to her mother. They argue heatedly. Neil says she's sick. She pushes the vodka at him. He exits.

At Dylan's place, he tells Stitch he's overdressed for his residency. He offers to sell him his place and says he's selling the coffee house and leaving town. Stitch tells him moving away won't work. Dylan leaves. Chelsea stops in. Stitch tells her they painted, and that Dylan's selling everything and leaving town.

At the station, Paul learns the adoption Mr. Goodwin arranged was not for Penelope Wayne as they'd thought, but a Penelope Harrison. He gets contact information for the woman.

At his dad's grave, Dylan tells him Connor's not his grandson. He sniffs that he wanted him to be his son so bad he refused to see the signs. Dylan feels he fooled himself into thinking he could get back what he'd lost.

At the hospital, Nikki meets Stitch, who is accompanying Dr. Costner on rounds. Costner gets called away and Stitch tells Nikki about his friend Dylan. Nikki says Chelsea's son is her grandson. Costner returns. He has a concern.

Avery and Leslie briefly discuss Nick at Crimson Lights before turning to business. Leslie says their biggest case is the Connor MacAvoy custody suit. Avery's reluctant to take it. Leslie thinks she's concerned about Dylan. Avery explains that she's hurt him enough. "He'd never have been with Chelsea if I'd been honest." Leslie says, "It's true. You are still in love with Dylan!" Dylan enters and looks over. Leslie leaves. Dylan and Avery talk briefly and she goes.

Chelsea returns to Dylan's place and leaves him a note.

Paul visits Pamela Harrison and asks about her sister Penelope's adoption. The woman quickly says her sister never adopted a child and slams the door in his face.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria tells Billy they really are back on track in every way. He replies, "In every way but one."

Paul asks Pamela Harrison, "What about the boy? Where is he now?"

Gloria makes a toast to Lauren, saying it's destined to be a night she won't forget, as Carmine, disguised as a cop, looks on.

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