Capable Hands.

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Jack and Adam reel at Victor's news, Sharon feels rejected by Nick, and Stitch helps Dylan feel better.

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At the police station, Lauren and Michael freak out over Carmine escaping. Alex says they set up a perimeter and put out an APB.

Paul and Nikki are at Chancellor Park to update Katherine on their search. Nikki tells her she had a son, but he died. Nikki admits she feels guilty. Paul reassures her. Paul says he has the adoption files from the law firm. Nikki realizes she could find Penelope and talk to her about her son, but she debates about doing it. Paul suggests that she tell Victor. Nikki isn't sure he'd understand given what happened to him. She decides not to look at the file and to put it all behind her.

At the Club, Jack and Adam accuse Victor of swooping up Katherine's company. Victor says she left it to him in her will. He offers up a letter from Katherine explaining that she is naming him sole owner of her company. Jack is baffled. Victor says she wanted the company in capable hands - his hands. Her family members would have killed each other if she'd given it to one over the other. Adam marvels at Victor's deception - knowing all along he had Chancellor and plotting to screw him over. Victor calls him a narcissist. They bicker about trust. Adam leaves. Jack tells Victor eventually he'll realize just how much he lost. Victor growls that he never loses. Later, Nikki meets Victor. He tells her about the business news. She can't believe he'd do this after all he's invested. He vows Newman will be his again.

Stitch comes to Dylan's house with beer and paint to cover the marriage proposal on the wall. They chat as they work. Stitch tells Dylan he got a job at Memorial Hospital. He went back to medical school. Jenna and Max will join him when they can. They discuss Avery. Stitch says she cares about him. Dylan cares about her too. Stitch points out they are both alone now. After, Dylan admits working took his mind off things. Stitch says he found a therapist at the VA who might help. Dylan agrees to call. He leaves to get some air.

At the tackhouse, Sharon and Avery are arguing as Nick enters. "What's going on?" Avery says she came by to get her things. They look at each other for a moment and then she leaves. Nick asks Sharon what she's doing there. Sharon says she brought Faith over to cook him a meal. He says she needs to stop. Sharon accuses him of pulling away from her because of what Avery said. He asks why she'd think that. Sharon says she can't understand him rejecting her. Nick says he has a lot to work through - alone. Sharon promises not to hover if he agrees to call if he needs to talk. Nick says they can eat - he has to leave. Once alone, Sharon cries that it was all for nothing.

Avery finds Summer waiting at her apartment. Summer wants to clean up the loose ends before she leaves for Los Angeles. She tells Avery about the modeling job, and then asks Avery how she could break her dad's heart. Avery is apologetic. Summer is angry. "I thought you were the one person I could trust." She says she lied and told Nick she loved him when she was actually in love with someone else. Avery says she does love Nick, and she thought she'd moved on from the past. Summer cries that she was supposed to be the strong one. She calls Avery a fake and says Phyllis would be glad. Summer worries about helping Nick. Avery's happy she cares. They embrace.

At Lauren and Michael's place, Alex warns them Carmine may show up. He goes to check out the surveillance camera system. Michael comforts Lauren, who is a basket case. She startles at Chavez's knock. He says the cameras are working. Lauren's cellphone rings - it's the rehab saying Fen can be released next week. They decide not to tell Fen about the escape. Michael books them a room at the Club. Alex thinks it's safer there, but Lauren can't relax. Michael reminds her to bring her dress for the Businesswoman of the Year ceremony tomorrow night.

Carmine sips coffee and reads about Lauren being Businesswoman of the Year in the newspaper. He considers himself invited.

At the station, Paul phones the lawyer to say he'll return the adoption files. He notices Katherine's photo, which prompts him to read the file. He gasps, "What the hell?"

At the penthouse, Adam tells Jack he's glad Chelsea's at the park - she'd rub it in his face about being right about Victor. Jack says he can still build a stronger company for his son.

Nick drinks from a flask in the park. Dylan arrives with a beer in a paper bag.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Jack says to Summer, "If you're here to cuss me out I'm all ears. If you want to tell me you can forgive me, I'm also here for that too."

Dylan tells Nick the last thing he wanted was for him and Avery to split up. Nick chuckles. "Right."

Sharon shouts at Cassie, "Faith wants us to be together. Why does that matter to me and not to Nick?"

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