Walking Through The Pain.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Dylan agrees to accept help from Stitch, Sharon and Avery face-off over Nick, and Victor stuns Jack and Adam with his plan.

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At the Club, Jack reads a headline asking if Adam Newman is running his father's company into the ground and confronts Victor about it. Nick enters while they're bickering and asks if this is about Summer. Jack says no but it affects his family's future. He thinks Victor is behind a sudden wave of negative press about Newman, noting that numerous clients have left and suppliers suddenly won't deliver materials. He calls it a coordinated assault that's left Newman at a standstill, all because Victor didn't want to work things out with Adam. Victor smirks as Jack rants. Once alone, Nick tells Victor this is none of his business - he's still upset about Avery. Victor listens and then advises Nick to move on.

At the hospital, Avery lashes out at Chelsea for her deception. Chelsea asks Dylan to hear her out. He only wants to talk to Adam. Dylan proceeds to tell Adam all the things Connor likes. Chelsea tells Dylan she loves him and leaves with Adam. Dylan tells Avery he's going back to his place.

In the police station, Kevin tells Alex he should maybe give up on Chloe. Carmine overhears and chimes in, "If you really love a woman, you never give up." Kevin rants at Carmine about Lauren while Alex holds him back. Alex tells Kevin that Carmine can say whatever he wants, but he'll be an old man when he leaves prison. Carmine smirks. Carmine tells Kevin to give the family his love as he's taken back to his cell. Alex calms Kevin. Later, when Kevin goes to lunch, Alex gets a call and shouts, "How did that happen?"

Lauren and Michael are with Fen, who is out on a day pass, in Chancellor Park reminiscing about Katherine. Fen talks about rehab and therapy sessions being tough. Michael tells him that walking through the pain is worth it. Fen talks about taking responsibilities for his mistakes. Michael and Lauren each do the same. Fen points out Carmine also caused a lot of their problems. Michael says he'll pay. Fen congratulates Lauren on being Businesswoman of the Year and talks about figuring out his future.

Sharon and Faith make lunch at the tackhouse hoping it will cheer up Nick. Faith says, "I hate that we made him sad," as Avery enters. Avery isn't surprised to see Sharon there. Faith tells Avery her daddy doesn't need her anymore and says she and her mommy will take care of him now. When Faith goes upstairs, Avery accuses Sharon of actively encouraging Faith's dislike of her and of playing Nick. Sharon says she's paranoid. Avery says Sharon never stopped loving Nick. Sharon counters that the wedding didn't happen because Avery never stopped loving Dylan. Nick enters.

At the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea discuss their son's eye situation. Chelsea says they'll give him everything he needs. Adam retorts, "Except a family." Adam cuddles the baby and calls him 'Peanut'. Chelsea watches as he sings to him. Later, Jack arrives with the bad news about Newman. Adam marvels at Victor's actions. Jack grimly states that Newman is worthless. Adam thinks Victor has cut deals with the people for incentives when they return - once Victor's in charge. Jack is anxious to meet with Victor. Adam hesitates because of the baby. Chelsea says he's asleep. Once alone, Chelsea discovers Adam bought back the baby blanket he got during her pregnancy that she donated to the thrift store. She puts it on Connor.

At home, Dylan tries to get rid of Stitch, who tells him they'll find someone for him to talk to. Dylan says he talked to Chelsea, but the person he could trust the most, turned out to be the person he could trust the least. They discuss Avery. Dylan says she just feels sorry for him. Stitch says he'll help him. Dylan says he needs a divorce, and agrees to talk to a VA therapist. He hopes Adam can give Connor the love he deserves. When Stitch steps out, Dylan smashes a stool and holds a stuffed animal.

Victor meets Adam and Jack at the Club. Jack tells Victor he had a clever plan but it's not sustainable. Adam asks if he'd lose his life's work just to spite him. Victor smirks. "Who says I'll lose anything?" Jack suddenly realizes that all the clients and suppliers that left have signed long-term contracts with Chancellor. Victor says he'll watch Chancellor Industries build an empire on Newman's ruins because it's now owned by him.

Lauren and Michael arrive at the police station where Alex tells them Carmine has escaped.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Paul she already knows everything there is to find out and there's nothing she can do about it. Paul replies, "Actually there is."

Sharon tells Avery she's glad she and Nick are through; she didn't love him the way he deserves. Avery asks, "And you do?"

Victor tells Jack and Adam he did not buy Chancellor Industries. Katherine left it to him.

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