Sometimes Talking Helps.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Neil apologizes to Hilary about her mother, Billy irks Chloe with his gift to Delia, and Chelsea and Adam learn the truth about their son's condition.

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At the park, Billy gets a call from Victoria who says she's still in Dallas tying up loose ends and won't be back until next week. She has to meet with more associates for Victor. She teases she bought lingerie. She offers to stream a sexy picture but he says he's in the middle of Chancellor Park. She begins to describe her outfit, but the surprise he arranged for Delia arrives.

Chelsea enters Adam's penthouse and she asks what she was up to. She says he knows - the guy following her isn't subtle. Adam says he's keeping his son safe and has also hired two nannies. They bicker about Dylan. Adam doesn't want him near his son. She reminds him she has a say in their son's life. They continue bickering. Chelsea wants to stop fighting and focus on Connor's health issue. Adam insists there will be a cure. She hopes he's right.

At Avery's place, she offers to go with Dylan to his appointment. He snaps that he doesn't need her help. Dylan feels guilty about keeping her from her wedding, and wants to go alone. He exits, and Avery takes a call from Stitch who's in Genoa City. She tells him Dylan just left to see a psychiatrist. Stitch asks her to meet him at the hospital.

At the police station, Cane and Lily talk about shocking Hilary. Cane ignores calls from reporters. Neil and Leslie arrive. Lily says they have proof that Hilary is the GC Buzz blogger. They play the recording. Leslie says they can make a good case against Hilary/Anne. Neil says he won't press charges. Lily is upset that he'd let her walk away. Cane chimes in. Arguing ensues. Neil wants to talk to Hilary about what happened that night. Leslie doesn't think she'll listen. Cane agrees Neil's making a mistake. Neil has to do it for Rose.

Chloe and Delia are joined by Kevin at Crimson Lights. They talk about Delia's Wicked Witch role. Kevin says he'll come to the show. Delia talks about Kevin getting her a dog. Chloe says they'll discuss it in the future. Billy arrives - with a dog for Delia. Kevin leaves. Chloe reads Billy the riot act, but he charms her into calming down by saying the dog can stay at his house. Chloe tells Delia she'll have to care for the dog. The dog runs out and Delia chases it. After, Billy and Delia name him Dash. On the patio, Hilary discusses with Mason how she'll deal with Cane and Lily. Hilary bumps into Stitch who is on his way out. She reads negative headlines about Cane to Mason, who worries Cane will fire her. Hilary disagrees and calls Cane predictable. She gets a text to meet him in the park. "Predictable."

At the hospital, Chelsea tells Adam she wishes she was at home with Dylan and Connor, but she's glad he's there for the baby's appointment with her. Dylan watches through the window. He startles at a noise and Stitch appears to talk him through it. Dylan is talking about Avery when she appears. Dylan meets with the therapist and says he needs to get his PTSD under control. He is impatient and hostile at first. Stitch and Avery chat in the waiting area. He brings up Chelsea and Avery warns him not to call her. In another room, Chelsea and Adam are told that their baby will go blind, but he doesn't have retinitis pigmentosa - he has tearing from a traumatic birth. Chelsea realizes Adam never had to know the truth. Adam complains she gave birth in a dirty warehouse. She cries that it's all her fault. In the waiting area, Avery gets into it with Chelsea, who asks if she and Stitch are there because of Dylan. Dylan, who has stormed out of his appointment because the therapist doesn't understand, appears as Avery shouts, "Because of you, Dylan is broken!"

Kevin arrives at the police station still upset and gets into a tense conversation about Katherine's will with Cane and Lily. Lily defends Devon and then says she's still upset that Neil is overlooking what Hilary has done.

Neil meets Hilary in the park and takes her off guard by telling her he's sorry he left her mother in the hotel room. "I'm very sorry for your loss, Anne." Hilary says her mother is fine - she's retired and plays tennis every day. Neil says her mother died alone and he didn't help her because he was broken too. He tells the story of that night and says he only recently found out she was dead. He asks her to stop punishing him. He offers to answer any questions. "Sometimes talking helps." Once alone, she angrily says he's right, sometimes talking does help. She meets a GC Buzz reporter and tells him wait until he hears the story she has about Neil Winters.

Hilary rejoins Mason on the patio and says Neil showed up instead of Cane. He wonders why she looks so happy.

At the police station, Kevin shows Neil, Leslie, Cane, and Lily the latest GC Buzz article - about Neil being responsible for Rose Turner's death.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea says to Dylan, "Please, you just have to hear my side." Dylan says the person he has to talk to now is Adam.

Jack shows Victor a headline and asks, "Do you want to tell me what the hell that means?"

At the tackhouse, Sharon says, "Goodbye, Avery." Avery replies, "Okay, Sharon, you and I are going to have it out once and for all."

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