Great Hands.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Victor stuns Adam and Jack with his next move, Summer seeks advice about the L.A. offer, and Nikki receives bad news about her son.

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At home, Adam grins at the stuffed animals lying around. Jack arrives. He asks if Adam's made peace with Chelsea. Adam explains their arrangement. He says he's having her followed so she doesn't cut and run. They discuss fatherhood, and then the meeting with Victor. Adam's more determined to hold onto Newman - for his legacy, for his son.

Traci and Abby arrive at the Abbott house and tell Kyle they're moving in. He asks what they're running from. "A rat!" They tell a terrible story about a rat's nest in Abby's house. They won't return until the exterminator's been there. Kyle offers the 'refugees' tea. Traci has a tense conversation with Steve on the phone. Kyle and Abby overhear. Traci says they reached an impasse. Abby's tension-release arrives - Fritz the masseuse. Kyle makes a quick exit. Abby sends a text and says she'll go first.

In Crimson Lights, Tyler tells Noah about his strange text from Abby. Noah says he has a meeting with his grandfather. They agree that when Victor Newman calls a meeting anything can happen. Tyler starts going on about Abby being so cute. Noah gasps. "You're falling for her." Summer and Courtney arrive. Summer talks about her fallout with Victor and Jack. Noah hopes Victor's in a good mood when he sees him. Tyler says he's going to see Abby and Noah leaves with him. Summer talks to Courtney about Oliver's offer to come out to L.A. and asks her to come with her. Courtney hesitates. Summer realizes she doesn't want to leave because of Noah. Summer isn't sure about leaving her siblings, including Kyle. Suddenly he appears. They tell him about Summer's offer. Courtney leaves. Kyle tells Summer she should go; it's an amazing opportunity.

At their motel, Nikki wakes up in bed with Paul, who waves and grins. He apologizes for moving there from the floor - he had back and bug issues. Nikki takes a call from Victor asking about her charity trip. Nikki tells him she's optimistic her business there will be finished soon. Nikki and Paul prepare to see Sister Clare again. Father Martin and Sister Clare arrive. She remembered that the woman who adopted Nikki's son was Penelope. She was a young, single mother who lived near the church. Father Martin thinks he can find a record of the woman at the church. Nikki and Paul spend time speculating until Father Martin returns. He's found Nikki's son. His name was Peter, but he drowned in the creek when he was seven years old. Paul comforts Nikki by telling her Katherine is with her son. When Nikki steps out for air, Paul gets a call from the lawyer who took over the adoption files. He says he'll pick them up.

Jack and Adam meet Victor at the Club. Jack wonders if they should all be frisked for weapons. Victor chuckles. Adam says they should drop the act - how ugly is this going to get? Victor says it should be painless and asks about Adam's son. Adam won't discuss him. Jack threatens Victor with a public downfall if he tries to pull anything. Victor smirks and says he might as well give up. Noah arrives. Victor excuses himself to talk to him. They discuss Summer. Victor says it all begins and ends with family. He asks Noah to work with him and Victoria, who is doing something unofficial for Newman as they speak. Meanwhile, Adam gets impatient. Jack reminds him they have all the leverage. Adam wonders why Victor's smiling then. They approach him and demand to know his next move. Victor says he doesn't want his company to become a battleground. He's decided to step down. "Newman Enterprises is yours."

Tyler arrives at the Abbott house as the massage is about to get underway. He pays Fritz to leave and begins a foot rub. Abby appears on the stairs - he's rubbing Traci's foot! Traci goes upstairs. Teasing ensues. Traci returns. She's going shopping, and tells Tyler he has great hands as she leaves. Abby offers Tyler a massage and drags him out of the living room and up the stairs, joking about loving him. He gets a funny look.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan shouts at Avery. "Avery! I don't need your help."

Neil says to Hilary, "The reason I'm here is to apologize. I'm sorry for your loss, Anne."

Adam says to Chelsea, "You put my son in danger." She corrects him. "Our son, Adam. He is our son."

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