On One Condition.

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Adam makes a deal with Chelsea, Nikki worries to Paul about their investigation, and Dylan realizes he needs help.

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In Winnetka, Paul and Nikki settle into the last available motel room. Paul says it will be worth it if they track down her son. She questions if it's worth lying to everyone she loves. They debate about whether or not she should involve Victor. Nikki talks about her guilt and needing to know what happened to her baby. A young man comes to the door looking for Nikki. He says the priest sent him - she forgot her scarf. Once alone, Paul and Nikki laugh about her reaction to him; thinking he might be her son. Paul asks what she'll do if they do find her son. Nikki says she'd want to make sure he's alright. In her dream world, he'd accept her as his mother. Paul warns her not to get her hopes up. Nikki starts worrying that her son might be like his father. Paul cautions her. He says if they pursue this, she can't control the outcome. He adds that Katherine thought her marriage was strong enough to survive this. Nikki muses, "What if she was wrong?" Nikki frets that Victor might see her like his mother, who abandoned him. Paul comforts her. Later, Nikki says she called Victor and lied to him again. Paul says whatever she decides, he'll support her.

At the tackhouse, Sharon talks to Nick about his relationship with Avery being over. She notices the smashed photos on the floor. They discuss telling Faith he and Avery are through. Faith is dropped off by Amy, and says she feels bad because Nick is sad and it's all her fault. Nick reassures Faith and suggests going for ice cream. Faith insists Sharon come too.

Avery and Dylan return to her place, which Adam had searched. Dylan doesn't blame him. They talk about Dylan losing his son. Avery starts fussing over Dylan until he shouts, "Will you just let me fix the lock!" He apologizes. Dylan's worried Chelsea might press charges. Avery assures him Chelsea was concerned about him at the cabin. She asks does he not still want to be a family with them? Dylan says just because she and Nick got their happily ever after doesn't mean everyone does. He says after a certain point, there's no going back. Dylan wonders why she's not with Nick. "You still got married, didn't you?" She admits it didn't happen, and they are not engaged anymore. She tells Dylan he didn't cause their break-up, there were a lot of factors involved. She shrugs that you can't deny the truth. Dylan muses about finding that once in a lifetime love. Dylan dozes off and has a nightmare. He grabs Avery by the arms and hurts her. He tells her he doesn't know what's happening - he needs help. Later, Dylan takes off his wedding ring and Avery fondles her wedding dress.

At her place, Chelsea tells Adam she won't let him leave with Connor. She threatens to call the police - Adam has no proof of paternity. Adam lets her hold Connor when he cries. She tells Adam he needs her; if he really loved Connor, he wouldn't try to take him. Adam doesn't understand how she can question his love. They argue. Chelsea shouts that the only thing Adam's contributed to that boy is the possibility that he'll go blind. She quickly apologizes. Adam says he can stay with her under one condition. "You and the baby move into my penthouse." Chelsea refuses. He says he has lined up a specialist. They have to start somewhere. Adam takes Chelsea and Connor's things out. Chelsea says she'll meet him downstairs, and looks wistfully at the apartment as she carries the baby out.

In the park, Nick lets Sharon know that he's still thinking about the canceled wedding. Nick tells Faith that he and Avery aren't getting married - ever. She asks if he's mad at her. He says he's not, but he's sad. Faith says she and Mommy will cheer him up. Nick is feeling down and decides to hang back at the park alone. He imagines marrying Avery.

At the penthouse, Adam talks to Chelsea about the last time she was there, when she collapsed. He says he prayed she wouldn't lose another child. They bicker about her not telling him right away. She says she told him in the hospital when he was unconscious. He woke up and called for Sharon... Adam apologizes, but says she should have told him when he was awake. Chelsea thinks he would have been a cold-hearted father like Victor. He's not impressed with her deciding that unilaterally - she'll have to face a judge now. Later, Adam watches them sleep.

Sharon gets Faith's things from the tackhouse and they leave. Sharon looks around and smiles.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Noah tells Tyler he has a meeting with his grandfather. They agree that when Victor Newman calls a meeting anything can happen.

The priest tells Nikki, "We found your son."

Adam and Jack arrive at the Club to meet Victor. Jack says, "Shall we all agree to be frisked for weapons before we sit down?" Victor chuckles.

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