This Could Change Everything.

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Jack makes Victor an offer, Adam and Chelsea arrive at the cabin, and Summer tries to help Nick.

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Summer goes to check on Nick at the tackhouse. Nick says he doesn't think he ever had Avery to begin with. Summer knows they love each other; she doesn't understand why she didn't show up. Nick says Dylan needed her - it's that simple, and that complicated. Summer insists he come out with her. She plays the guilt card and brings up the DNA results. Nick says, "Ouch." He agrees to meet her at the Club and promises not to bail out.

At the cabin, Dylan is about to hand Avery the baby when Adam bursts in. Dylan points the flashlight. "Stay back." Chelsea appears. Avery says she's the only one who can get through to Dylan. Dylan shouts about Ora. Adam wants to call the police, but Avery says that will make it worse. Dylan shouts for Sully to help. Chelsea quickly fills Adam in on the Ora story. Dylan ducks and covers Connor. Avery keeps pleading and coaxing. Dylan snaps out of it. Adam asks for his son. He takes him and rests his cheek on the baby's. Chelsea joins them. They leave. Avery reassures Dylan everything will be okay. He's lost for words. "It felt so real." She wants to get back to Genoa City. He says there's nothing for him there; there's nothing for him anywhere. He sobs. "I lost my son."

At the Club, Jack tells Victor he has an offer for him. "This could change everything." Jack tells him Adam wanted a relationship with him - he helped with that, and it meant a lot for Adam to make him proud. Victor says Jack and Adam deserve each other. Jack reiterates that all Adam wants is his acceptance. Jack offers to find someone they approve of to buy him out, if he will cut Adam some slack. Victor glowers. "Who the hell do you think you're talking to? What are you really after?" Jack goes on to say he'll walk away from Newman if Victor backs off Summer. They bicker about Summer. Summer arrives and hears Jack repeat the deal. "You're negotiating a deal and I'm the prize!" Jack tries to explain. Victor calls him a hypocrite. Nick arrives. Victor gives his version of the offer. Jack protests. Summer tells Jack to make her understand. Jack says it was an act of affection. She feels like a bargaining chip. Nick and Summer walk away. Jack watches Nick hold her. Victor tells Jack he gave himself enough rope to hang himself and he did. Jack promises to be a thorn in his side at Newman. Victor says he has news for him and Adam. "Meet me here tomorrow at 9:00 AM and don't be late."

Noah jogs into the park and removes his shirt. Courtney falls into him on rollerblades. He catches her and ends up rubbing her feet. Later, Summer enters the park and gets a call from Oliver in L.A. who says her shots were great. He invites her to get on a plane and come out there.

Sharon runs into her therapist at Crimson Lights. She confronts Sharon about not coming to see her anymore. Sharon says it's not necessary. She tells the therapist all about Nick and the wedding. Sharon says she's the one constant in Nick's life. The therapist confronts her about being off her meds; it's dangerous. Sharon says she feels wonderful. The therapist says there's a cost - all the progress they've made. She argues that she's on a manic upswing. Sharon refuses to listen. The therapist writes a prescription for a lower dose and urges her to resume therapy. Sharon insists she's in control. Later, Noah arrives with Courtney and introduces her to Sharon. Sharon tells Noah she likes Courtney and leaves. Noah and Courtney chat about concerts and their families. Courtney is talking to him about Newman Enterprises when Victor calls and tells Noah he wants to talk to him tomorrow about his future.

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse as Nick has smashed a bunch of framed photos. Sharon says she knows what he's feeling. He thinks it's karma. She says she's there for him.

At the Abbott house, Jack calls Adam and tells him Victor is up to something. They should discuss it.

At Chelsea's place, Adam tells her to pack a bag - he's taking Connor with him. She says he can't take her baby from her. He replies, "Watch me."

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki says to Paul, "Is my search for my son worth lying to the people I love?"

Avery says to Dylan, "I know you still love her, and that little boy. Isn't there a part of you that still wants that?"

Chelsea says, "Does that mean you won't try to take him from me?" Adam says, "He can stay with you...under one condition."

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