What Could Go Wrong?

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Hilary is duped by Cane, Nikki finds out new information, and Adam searches for Connor.

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At home, Avery puts her wedding dress away. Adam arrives ranting. "Where has Dylan taken my son?" Avery wonders why she should know. Adam says she's still in love with him and shouts about Dylan taking his son. Avery assures him she hasn't seen him since yesterday and doesn't know where he is. Adam pleads if she knows something, she must tell him now. Avery defends Dylan and asks Adam to show compassion. Adam wants to see his son, and wants his son to see him while he still can. Avery says she feels for him. Adam warns he'll find Dylan. Avery leaves after Adam. He returns and searches her apartment. When he finds pictures of Avery and Dylan in a cabin he wonders, "Where is this?"

Chelsea dreams on her sofa that Dylan returns with Connor and they get back together. The phone wakes her up. She wonders how there can be no sign of him. Anita arrives and gets up to speed. Chelsea rants that Anita raised her to lie. When Anita offers comfort, Chelsea pulls away. Anita says she's proud of her and wants to be there for her now. Chelsea cries in her arms. She explains about Dylan being confused and disoriented because of the flashbacks. Adam arrives with the photo from Avery's house and grills her about the cabin. When Anita interferes he throws her out. Chelsea remembers that Dylan's father owned a cabin. They take off.

In the cabin, Dylan flashes to helping Ora during the war and tells Connor, "It's okay, Ora, I'm going to get you out." He tells the baby to be quiet. He hears someone entering and calls out. He points a flashlight at Avery and yells like he's back in the war zone. Avery tries to talk him down. He shouts, "Stay back!" She convinces him she's Avery and he's holding their baby. He tells her Ora died. He cries. Avery tells him that's Connor. He's about to hand the baby to her when Adam bursts in.

Cane and Hilary share a toast in his suite. She questions him about his marriage - they'd seemed so happy. He says he and Lily put on a good show. He tries to get Hilary to talk about herself. As they flirt he starts feeling lightheaded. Hilary helps him over to the bed. He passes out and she calls someone. "He's out. Just give me a few minutes." Later, Mason arrives and says he got a great shot of them looking post-sex from across the alley - it's already on GC Buzz. They leave.

Sister Clarie tells Nikki, at the church, that she wondered about her so many times. Nikki and Paul ask about her baby and the adoption. Sister Claire calls Nikki 'Mary Katherine'. The priest says she has dementia and there's no way of knowing when she'll be clear. Nikki gets very upset and talks to Paul about her need to know about the child. She talks to Sister Claire again. She tells Nikki she delivered a son that night. He was adopted by a member of the congregation. Sister Claire recalls that the woman had kind eyes and a gentle voice. Nikki thanks her as the priest takes her back to her room. Paul insists Nikki go home and talk to Victor - she's stalling. Nikki won't go home until she finds out more about her son.

Lily and Abby talk cosmetics at Crimson Lights. Abby harps about the photo of Cane kissing Hilary. Lily says it's not cheating if he has her permission. Abby agrees to keep quiet and Lily fills her in about Hilary. Lily thinks nothing could go wrong. Suddenly they each see GC Buzz. Abby gasps, "Oh my."

Lily slams into Cane's suite and asks if that was his plan all along - to get her on board so he could seduce his assistant? Cane tells her Hilary tried to drug him, but he went in the washroom and spit out the champagne. He pretended to pass out and Hilary had Mason take the photographs. He recorded their conversation on his phone and plays it back. Lily tells Cane he's amazing. They embrace.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan ducks and covers Connor. Chelsea yells, "My baby!" Dylan whispers, "It's okay, we're going to make it home."

Summer tells Nick she doesn't understand why that happened. He says, "You mean why I lost Avery? The truth is, I don't think I ever really had her to begin with."

Victor leans across the table and says to Jack, "Who the hell do you think you're talking to? What is it you're really after?"

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