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Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Neil gives Devon advice about his money, Jill wants to contest Katherine's will, and Lily tells Neil her plan.

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At the Chancellor house, Lauren and Michael tell Esther that Fen is doing well and ask about Jill calling them over. Jill appears and announces she needs a lawyer. "I want to contest Katherine's will." Jill rants. Esther pipes up that Jill got the house. Jill says she didn't even get money for upkeep. When she complains about the music box, Lauren says it's more valuable than she thinks. Lauren explains if Katherine willed it to her, it must be important. Michael says Kay was as sharp as a tack until the end. Jill yowls that she must have hated her! Lauren says the music box is the final challenge. Esther agrees - it's a mystery. Michael suggests she start thinking like Katherine. Jill tells them about the other clues. Michael suggests that maybe the necklace was supposed to be in the box. Jill ponders that maybe Kay wanted the best for her after all. Esther gets upset when Jill asks accusingly about the missing necklace. Michael finds 'Geneva, Switzerland' is written on the bottom of the music box. Michael and Lauren go. Jill tells Esther she's going to Switzerland.

Paul and Nikki are in a church in Winnetka. Paul wishes she'd told Victor the truth. Nikki needs answers first. A priest appears. "Then you've come to the right place." Nikki tells her story and gives the birth date. The priest checks the archives, but the book from that year was destroyed in a flood. When the priest says, "Behold, children are the gift of the Lord," Nikki flashes to a nun holding her baby and saying the same thing. She recognizes the painting on the wall from the memory. "This is where my baby was born." She mentions Sister Claire. The priest goes to get her. Nikki is wracked with nerves. Sister Claire appears. "I've been waiting for you."

In the steam room, Neil tells Devon his New York trip went well. He asks what he wanted to talk to him about. They discuss the blog post with Cane and Hilary kissing. Devon says it's a long story - he'll let Lily explain. He then tells Neil about his inheritance. Neil is speechless. Devon says he'll pay some of it forward. Neil says that's why she left it to him. Neil warns him not to let it change him and not to make any rash decisions. He also warns about 'new friends' who will use him. Once alone, Devon flashes to talking to Lily about good things happening.

Lily and Cane finish making love in a suite. They discuss the plan with Hilary. He asks how far she's willing to let this go. Lily tells Cane to let Hilary think he wants to get to know her better. Cane's worried that if Hilary's the blogger they might be in for more than they bargained for. Lily worries about the twins - they've got to stop Hilary sooner rather than later. They make love again.

At Crimson Lights, Mason gives Hilary a little baggie of white powder and asks if she wants to go through with this. She says it's an insurance policy - she needs Cane right where she wants him. Mason tells her he got hired back as a model at Jabot. She urges him to buddy up with Devon - if he wants her to keep showing up in his bed. Mason doesn't understand her plan. She can do a lot of damage once she finds out what Devon intends to do with the money. Lily shows up later and confronts Hilary about the photo. Hilary claims it was innocent. Lily tells her to drop the act - she knows she's after her husband. Hilary mocks Lily for being separated from Cane, who took a room at the Club. Lily tells her to stay away from her husband. After, Lily lets Cane know that Hilary's probably on her way. Neil arrives and Lily shares all her suspicions about Hilary. Neil argues that she can't be Rose's daughter, but then realizes she could be. Lily says she has an idea. They debate about involving the police. Lily thinks they can make her confess. Neil worries too much can go wrong. Lily says Cane has it under control.

Mason joins Devon in the steam room. Devon hints that he might leave Jabot. Mason muses that he must have got a pretty big payday - like six zeros. Devon tells him, "Try nine." Mason encourages Devon to spend it on himself.

Cane invites Hilary into his suite. She says she had a run-in with Lily. Cane asks her to stay for lunch. While he gets room service, she pours the baggie contents into his drink. "Let's toast."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily hollers at Cane, "Was that your plan the entire time? Get me on board so you could seduce your assistant?" She slaps him. "Go to hell!"

Avery tells Adam she doesn't have time for this right now. He yells, "Where has Dylan taken my son?"

Nikki asks Sister Claire to tell her everything she knows about the child she gave up.

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