Not In His Right Mind.

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Noah confronts Sharon, Paul gives Nikki news, and Adam learns Connor is missing.

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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Kyle that Victor is ready to launch a full-scale attack on his family and he's worried Summer will get caught in the middle of it. Jack explains how he was a silent investor for Adam. They worry about Summer.

Summer joins Noah at Sharon's house. They speculate about why Sharon's not there. They discuss parents. Noah talks about Sharon's interest in Nick. Summer says it's one thing to accept Jack as her dad, but she'll never get used to Kyle being her brother.

Sharon teases Adam about drinking alone at the Club bar. She realizes Victor's in his cross hairs and says she told him so. Adam grumbles about getting the company back and loyalty. Sharon says her life is really good, and Adam has no one. Adam replies that he has his son. Sharon is stunned. He explains about the eye disorder. Sharon feels terrible and marvels at Chelsea doing this to him and to Dylan. Sharon mentions Avery not showing up at the wedding. Adam taunts her about Nick. Later, Adam meets with the eye specialist again.

At Chelsea's place, she and Chloe discuss being unable to find Dylan and Connor anywhere. They hear thunder. Chelsea says she knows why Dylan took Connor. She explains that the loud noise makes him think he's back in the war. "He's not in his right mind!" They decide to get help.

Paul notices Alex and Kevin bickering at the police station. Nikki calls. Paul tells her the disconnected phone number Katherine left her belonged to an attorney named Scott Goodwin in Winnetka. She says that's where she gave birth in the church. She wonders if the attorney's her son. Paul agrees to find him. Later, Alex teases Kevin about his skeleton key. Kevin says it wasn't a weird gift for someone who used to get locked in a closet. Nearby, Paul gets a message on his laptop. Chloe and Chelsea arrive and explain that Dylan took Connor. Kevin doesn't understand why she's upset. Chelsea admits Dylan's not the father, Adam is. They try Stitch, who hasn't heard anything. Chelsea leaves. Chloe tells Kevin she feels guilty - she encouraged Chelsea to lie. Kevin says being separated from a kid you love hurts. Alex rejoins Kevin and tells him his dad hit him too. Kevin says his dad was a maniac. They joke about male bonding.

At the ranch, Victor informs Nikki that they have a new addition to their family. Nikki wonders how he found out. Victor says he talked to Adam; Chelsea's baby is his son. He explains about the eye problem. Nikki says it's a shame. Victor can't get over Chelsea keeping this secret. Nikki talks about him bonding with Adam over this. Victor says it ain't gonna' happen. They discuss Adam using Jack's money. Nikki thinks Adam wants to be close with Victor. Victor says he chose Jack. Nikki realizes he wants to make him pay, but reminds him he's now a grandfather. Nikki takes a call from Paul; they'll meet at the Club. Nikki warns Victor that Summer and Connor will both be caught in the middle of his war, and then leaves. Victor has a Newman client over and warns him to put in his invoices for payment - the company will be going through major changes.

Sharon arrives at home and talks to Noah about Nick and Avery. She assumes they're through. Noah confronts her about not being upset about it and holds up her pills. "what's going on?" Sharon lies that she lost them. Noah doesn't buy it. He tells her she seems off. She reassures him. Later, Sharon dreams that she's marrying Nick and Noah is there saying he knows about what she did because Phyllis woke up, and that Dad will never forgive her. Sharon awakens.

Summer tells Jack and Kyle the news about Nick's wedding at the Abbott house. She mentions heading to the ranch. Jack says there's something she should know. Summer is irritated when Jack explains what's going on with Victor. She storms off. Jack curses Victor. Kyle says he's no better. They bicker. Summer returns. Jack leaves her with Kyle, who says he's on her side.

At home, Adam thinks about his last meeting with Chelsea.

Chelsea opens her door and calls out for Dylan. Adam arrives. He demands to know where Connor is until Chelsea screams that she doesn't know. She says the police are looking. Adam decides to go look too.

At the Club, Paul tells Nikki that Scott was too old to have been her son. Nikki sighs. Paul urges her to tell Victor. Nikki flashes to the cult days and says Victor wouldn't understand. Paul says the attorney died, but he practiced family law. Nikki thinks he handled the adoption and wonders about his files. Paul will look for the church. Nikki insists she'll go with him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Michael she needs a lawyer; she wants to contest Katherine's will.

Lily tells Hilary not to insult her and to drop the act. "I know exactly what you're after."

Nikki tells Paul she told Victor she went to Chicago on charity business. Paul wishes she'd tell Victor the truth.

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