Sentimental Claptrap.

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Victor confronts Adam with his betrayal, Dylan asks Chelsea for a divorce, and Avery appeals to Nick for understanding.

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Billy carries Victoria over the threshold into their house. She feels bad pretending to be newlyweds when Nick's wedding fell apart. Billy has a celebration planned, but first they vow to ignore phones and not talk about Newman. Billy will discuss her going back only after Adam is gone. They have a champagne toast and flirt until Chloe calls. Billy tells Victoria that she's bringing Delia over. Later, Delia arrives and spots the cake. Billy says they're celebrating how happy they are together. They play Wizard of Oz. Delia is the Wicked Witch, Victoria is Dorothy, and Billy is Toto. Later, Delia goes to bed and Victoria and Billy make out on the couch.

At the Club, Adam meets with a doctor about Connor. He says his eyesight was salvaged and he wants the same for his son. He hopes to have his son in his care very soon.

At the park, Nick asks Avery why she was late. She tells him about Dylan showing up, devastated. Nick says she chose to stay there with Dylan when she should have been there marrying him. Avery insists it wasn't like that. They bicker. She says she couldn't leave Dylan. Nick gets that - it's not who she is. Avery thanks him for understanding. Nick says she's still in love with Dylan. He makes his case. Avery cries. They each take blame for winding up in this situation. They agree it shouldn't be this hard and kiss goodbye.

At Adam's penthouse, Victor accuses Jack of being Adam's silent partner. Jack admits he's had a stake in Newman for months without him knowing, but insists Victor doesn't have a clue what's really going on. Victor says he knows everything and accuses Jack of perpetrating an act of sabotage on Newman in retaliation for him trying to keep him from Summer. Jack says his motivation was to help Adam impress him; get close to his father. Victor scoffs. Jack says he warned Adam it would blow up in his face - but all that matters to him is being his father's son. Victor declares it sentimental claptrap. Jack is disgusted that Victor will let his hatred for him ruin everything he and Adam have accomplished. Victor says Adam ruined it by partnering with him. "He knows I despise you!" Jack sneers that this is why Victor's screwed up his relationships with all his kids. Adam appears. Victor tells him the game is over. Adam tells Jack he'll handle it from here. Victor informs Adam he's betrayed him and he'll never forgive him. Adam talks about Victor's idea of being a father is expecting subservience. He wanted to work together. He argues that he got Newman back. They shout and argue. Victor screams that he betrayed him! Adam calls himself a fool for ever thinking he'd be the father he wanted. Victor says he disappointed him. Adam says he'll be a better father than him - he made himself that promise from the minute he found out he had a son. Victor asks what does he mean? Adam fills him in about Chelsea's child and the eye disorder. Victor says he's sorry. Adam barks for him to stop acting like he cares. Adam says his devotion to him and Newman cost him his wife and son. He realizes Victor is rethinking things now, but warns he won't let his son anywhere near him. Adam says they'll force him out of Newman. Victor wishes him luck.

Jack arrives home to find John waiting to discuss his plan with Adam not working out. He scoffs at Jack expecting Victor to believe he helped Adam out of the goodness of his heart. John thinks Jack is getting pleasure from hitting Victor where he lives. Jack insists vengeance wasn't his motivation. John warns that Victor will want retribution more than ever now. After, Jack paces and considers taking a drink.

Chelsea finds Dylan waiting for her at home. Chelsea makes a pitch for remaining a family. She wants him to protect Connor from Adam, who is going to take him away from them and change his name. Dylan hollers that of course Adam's fighting - he had every right to know she was having his child. Dylan says being with her and Connor gave him a second chance at life and now he's empty. Chelsea protests that they can make it right. He says that's impossible. "I'm leaving town." Chelsea begs to make it work, but Dylan wants a divorce. He asks for a moment alone with Connor to say goodbye. He talks to the baby about feeling bonded to him. As he tells Connor he hopes he has a good life, Dylan hears thunder outside and flashes to Sullivan dying. He whispers, "I'll protect you." The power goes out. Chelsea appears with a flashlight. Dylan and the baby are gone.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Summer before she sees her grandfather, there's something she needs to know.

Nikki warns Victor if he insists on waging this war against Adam and Jack, two innocent children will be caught up in the middle of it.

Chloe says, "That sounded like a bomb." Chelsea gasps. "That's it! I know why Dylan took Connor."

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