Never Look Back.

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Chelsea meets with Adam, Avery tries to help Dylan, and Nick tells the wedding guests to leave.

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At the park, Nick practices his vows. Nikki and Victor reassure him. Nick mentions Billy helping to set up. Victor's not impressed. Noah tells Nick he's a good man and he's proud to be his son. Nearby, Victoria breaks the news to Billy that Victor asked her to come back to Newman. He asks about Adam and Victoria mentions Fish Hook. Billy says it's a poker term for a really good hand.

At the Abbott house, Jack advises Adam not to cut Chelsea out of Connor's life. He warns him not to start tossing grenades. They discuss Victor sniffing around for the investor. Adam reassures Jack, who smiles, "The glory of Fish Hook Capital."

At Chelsea's house, Chloe tells her friend she should leave town with Connor and never look back. Chelsea reminds her Connor needs eye specialists and she doesn't want him to grow up on the run. She also wants to stay because of Dylan. Chloe scoffs at the idea they'll kiss and make up. Chelsea decides talking to Adam is her only option. Chloe shrugs that she should do it then, maybe she'll catch him on a good day.

Sharon fixes Faith's hair at home. She says today is about showing Daddy they love him.

Outside Avery's apartment, Dylan tells her he has nowhere to go. She brings him inside. He tells her about Connor. She says she knows. Dylan goes on about how stupid he was to believe her. He talks about wanting a family and the rage he has inside. Avery sends a text to Nick. Dylan talks about how having a baby with Chelsea made up for what he did - he lead a little girl to her death. Avery says it has nothing to do with the war. She cries that he came to her because she knows what it's like to lose a child. Dylan cries about seeing Connor and not being able to be his dad. Avery says he'll get through this. Dylan realizes she's wearing her wedding dress. He tells her to go get married, she deserves to be happy.

Nick gets Avery's text at the park and tells Summer she got held up and will be there soon. Nikki talks to Summer about her time away. She says she has two dads but feels alone. Summer admits she doesn't see Jack as a dad. Nikki asks if she'd rather not know. Summer can't imagine not knowing who gave you life. Victoria tells Victor what Billy said about the term Fish Hook as Sharon arrives with Faith. Nikki pointedly thanks Sharon for dropping her off. Sharon says she's staying. Nick grills Leslie about Avery being late. She says it's not business. Noah tells Nick the minister has to leave. Nick announces there won't be a wedding today. Sharon asks Noah to take Faith home. Tyler and Abby have a conversation about wedding insanity and whether or not their 'exclusive'. They are. Victor speaks to Nick, and Summer hugs him. Nikki asks Nick what could be more important than their wedding. He has a pretty good idea. Once Nick is alone. Sharon joins him and takes his hand. They are hugging when Avery arrives. Avery says, "Please tell me I'm not too late."

Adam meets Chelsea at the Club. Chelsea tells him he needs to understand that Connor needs her - the way he loved and needed Hope. Adam wants to hear her say that Connor is his. She tells him it's true. "He is our son. You are Connor's father." Adam says a lot is going to change - the name, the address, maybe even the brand of diapers. He encourages Chelsea to take a lot of pictures this week - to remember her son by. Later, Leslie arrives. Adam wants her to get him full custody of his son and make sure Chelsea never sees him again.

Victor meets with his man at the ranch. They discuss 'fish hook'. Victor draws one, it looks like a 'J'. He writes 'Jack'. Later, Nikki arrives and calls Paul to tell him to find the child she gave up.

At Sharon's place, Noah sends Faith upstairs. Summer arrives. Noah shows her a pill bottle. "My mom's off her meds."

Billy and Victoria discuss the botched wedding and Fish Hook Capital at Crimson Lights. Victoria says nothing will happen to Adam until Victor finds out who's behind it.

Jack enters Adam's penthouse saying, "I got your text about Victor, Adam. What is it he knows?" Victor is there. He says, "He knows everything."

Chelsea finds Dylan waiting at home.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Billy toasts his beautiful wife. "I'll never stop loving you."

Dylan tells Chelsea he's leaving town. She asks, "What can we do to make this work?"

Victor hollers at Adam, "You partnered up with a guy whose guts I hate! You betrayed me!"

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