Playing House.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Chloe tries to reassure Chelsea, Nick deals with a defiant Faith, and Summer returns for the wedding.

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At home, Avery leaves Dylan a message telling him she knows what's going on and needs him to call her. Leslie arrives, ready to be Avery's maid of honor because Summer can't do it. Leslie gets a call from Adam. Avery tells her not to answer it - he's lawyer shopping. She explains the circumstances. Avery said she couldn't represent him - she can't be responsible for Dylan losing another child. Leslie says she can't think about Dylan now - it's her wedding day.

At the ranch, Victor gives him man instructions to find out about Fish Hook Investments. Nikki sees the man leaves and says it seems he's keeping something from her. Victor replies that he could say the same about her. He tells her Adam is keeping secrets but it will soon be resolved.

At Chelsea's place, Chloe assures her friend that Dylan will come back. Chelsea says Dylan might get past this, but Adam won't. She wonders how she'll fight Adam alone without Dylan. "I can't lose Connor, I'd die." Chloe assures her Adam would never get custody. Chelsea says her past will come out too, plus he can afford to fight longer and dirtier. Chloe suggests she disappear with Connor.

At Boulevard, Adam leaves Leslie a phone message about helping him get custody of his son.

At the Abbott house, Summer tells Jack she wants to skip Nick's wedding. She is still very upset with him. Summer feels torn in two and hopes Jack can help her get to know the Abbott side of her. Jack says that doesn't have to be at Nick's expense. He reminds her it's Avery's wedding too. Later, Adam arrives and tells Jack about Chelsea's baby being his son. He explains about the inherited eye disorder. They debate about Adam suing for custody. Jack muses that he doesn't condone Hope keeping Adam from Victor growing up. He also doesn't think Adam should take a child from his mother. Adam won't let Chelsea and some stranger play house with his son. Jack suggests he take it slow.

Nick gives Noah an engraved money clip at the tackhouse. Faith appears - she won't get her dress on until she finds Miss Patsy. Nick mentions a gift Avery picked out. Faith glowers. "No thanks." Noah and Nick entice her. She opens the new doll and throws it.

At home, Sharon looks at old photos. Cassie says he's making a mistake. Sharon agrees. "He should be making those vows to me." Noah and Nick arrive with Faith. They tell Sharon about the doll. Faith screams that she hates Avery. Sharon tries to talk to Faith. Nick orders Faith to get ready - he can't be late for his own wedding. Nick tells Noah to go ahead. When Faith refuses to cooperate, Sharon suggests Nick postpone. Nick won't. Sharon says she'll try to get Faith to the park. Nick leaves. Cassie says, "He's having doubts." She suggests Sharon call off the wedding for him. Sharon tells Faith she'll go to the wedding with her. Faith grudgingly agrees to go. Cassie is impressed that Sharon gave herself a reason to go and stop the ceremony.

Summer arrives at Avery's apartment. They embrace. Leslie leaves to get ready. Summer tells Avery she'll be her maid of honor, if she'll still have her. Avery beams. She gives Summer a dress and bracelet from Nick. Once alone, gives herself a pep talk in the mirror. She opens the door and finds Dylan there.

At the park, Billy watches Victoria walk up the 'aisle' and says it reminds him of marrying her. They have a romantic discussion about renewing their vows, which ends up sort of like renewing their vows. As they kiss, Abby and Tyler arrive and applaud. Billy teases them about getting hitched. Victor and Nikki arrive. Victoria tells Victor he trusted the wrong child at work. Noah overhears and offers to help however he can. Victor will let him know when the time comes. He confides in Victoria that he's ready to make a move. "We'll get rid of Adam." Victoria's pleased. Leslie arrives and chats with Tyler about meeting Abby's father. Tyler acts edgy - everyone's acting like he and Abby are serious. Nick arrives. Everyone wonders what's keeping Avery. Summer appears. She tells Nick she came for Avery. "She should be here any minute."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam says to Chelsea, "I want to hear you say it, that that baby is mine."

Dylan asks Avery, "Is today your wedding day?"

At the park, Sharon says to Nikki, "I don't see the bride anywhere." Nikki replies, "She'll be here, and the wedding will be glorious."

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