Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Katherine's will is read, Nikki confides in Paul, and Hilary and Mason scheme.

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Paul hugs Nikki, who is upset, outside the ranch.

At the Club, Victor tells someone on the phone to move ahead with the plan - he doesn't want 'them' to know he's onto them.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther stops Jill from throwing something at the drawing of Katherine. Esther tries to reassure her, but Jill hollers that she shafted her. "I am shattered, okay?" She rants about being made a joke of by Katherine. "I'll track you down in the afterlife!"

At the park, Lily tells Cane she didn't expect that to happen at the will reading and doesn't think Devon did either. Cane thinks it will lead to all out war.

Mason finds Devon downing drinks at Boulevard. Hilary watches from a distance.


Jill, Cane, Chloe, Esther, and Murphy chat with Mitchell Sherman's son in the mansion living room. Murphy says Katherine made changes to her will the day she came back from the hospital. Murphy says Katherine gave everyone what they deserved. Jill re-reads her letter. Murphy assures her she had a very special place in Katherine's heart. Jill imagines sipping a martini wearing Kay's diamonds and furs. Lily, Kevin, and Devon arrive. Jill tells Esther she hopes she's not expecting a windfall. Esther imagines Jill is the maid getting her another martini. Devon imagines getting Katherine's record collection. Kevin imagines inheriting everything and Chloe begging him to take her back.

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki prepare to go to the will reading. Nikki's reluctant to go, she asks Victor to leave her at home.

Paul and Chris make out in his office. She has to go. He gets a call from Nikki and tells her his honeymoon's postponed. She needs to see him.

In bed at their suite, Hilary wonders to Mason if Devon will get something out of Katherine Chancellor's will. She says Devon's suspicious of her so she wants Mason to get close to him. She needs something to squeeze him with; something to exploit. They make love.

Victor arrives at the Chancellor mansion and tells Jill this was too painful for Nikki. Sherman begins the will reading. Murphy inherits her classic car collection, a quarter of the estate, her country house, and the fishing pole she couldn't figure out. Esther receives a monthly stipend of $20,000 as long as she stays on at the mansion. Cane is to continue as sole CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill is put out. Cane reassures her. Jill imagines Cane calling her an old dinosaur. She asks Sherman who owns the company. Sherman says Katherine wishes the fate of her company to remain private for now. Victor gets her collection of first edition books, and must read them. Tucker is given the record collection. Brock, Mac, Phillip III, Phillip IV, and Nina share one quarter of the estate equally, and Nikki inherits her writings. Chloe receives her couture gowns, and Delia is provided with an education fund of $500,000. Katherine leaves Kevin a wooden box containing a skeleton key so no door can hold him in again and so he can unlock the secret to his happiness. The remainder of Katherine's fortune, $2,475,000,000, is bequeathed to Devon. Jill is left Katherine's half of the house, but she can never sell it. She also leaves Jill her most prized and valuable possession. Sherman hands Jill a music box. After everyone's gone, Jill asks Esther to leave her alone. She sighs, "How could you?" Esther stops her from throwing the music box at Katherine's picture. She assures her Katherine loved her. She encourages Jill to figure out the message in the music box. Once alone, Jill sees the date of Katherine's 12th birthday is on the bottom, and the music box is in the drawing. "What does this all mean?"

In the park, Nikki wants to tell Paul her story and asks him to try not to judge her too much. She says this goes back to the days of the cult. Nikki asks if he remembers Ian Ward, who lectured there. Paul says he was pretty intense. Nikki says he was a monster. Nikki describes how he made her do degrading things over and over and she got pregnant. Paul learns she had the baby prematurely at a church near Chicago and passed out - when she woke up the nuns had taken the child. Nikki says Katherine urged her to track down the child after she was diagnosed with MS. Katherine gave her a number in her letter. Nikki's not sure what to do.

At the ranch, Paul comforts Nikki as she cries. Inside, he asks if she wants him to pursue the child. Nikki wants to leave it alone. Paul questions this.

Hilary watches Mason chat up Devon while he drinks at Boulevard. Devon says everything's changed. After, Mason tells Hilary he thinks Devon hit the jackpot.

In the park, Cane worries to Lily there could be a war with Jill. They discuss Hilary. Lily says she trusts him and they agree to stick to the plan.

In their suite, Hilary tells Mason that Cane and his wife think they're playing her, but they're the ones getting played.

In the park, Victor tells Katherine there's a storm coming but he'll be the last one standing.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tells Cassie that Avery's not right for Nick - he should be making those vows to her.

Adam tells Jack he's the proud father of a beautiful baby boy.

Chloe tells Chelsea to fight for her family. Chelsea asks how she's supposed to fight Adam alone, without Dylan.

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