A Million To One.

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Dylan learns the truth, Adam asks Avery to represent him, and Lily and Cane argue about Hilary.

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At Crimson Lights, Hilary kisses Cane. His phone buzzes. He tells Hilary, "Don't." He says they shouldn't be doing this and it's his fault. Hilary says the both made a mistake and urges him to talk to Lily. Cane says he'll be getting a room at the Club.

In the park, Lily complains to Devon that Cane isn't returning his texts. Devon can't believe she's using her husband as bait. She trusts Cane. They continue to discuss it. Lily is positive Cane has everything under control. Suddenly, they get notifications from GC Buzz - it's a photo of Cane and Hilary kissing. Devon tells Lily, "This is what you wanted, right?"

At home, Dylan complains about Adam. Chelsea says Adam came because he was concerned after overhearing Dylan tell Billy about Connor's eye problem; Adam used to have the same disease. Dylan says the odds of her ex having the same eye disease as their son is probably a million to one. Chelsea says she told Adam that Connor is their son. Dylan says, "You'd never let me name him after my father if he wasn't mine. Would you?" Chelsea admits he's Adam's son. Dylan asks if she's known all along. Chelsea says she has; she was afraid. She tells him nothing's changed. He yells that everything's changed. He feels everything's been built on a lie. Chelsea wants them to still be a family. She asks him to help her fight Adam and not to abandon them. Dylan says Connor's not his son and leaves.

Nick laughs when Sharon appears at his door with a huge wedding gift. She says she wanted to deliver it personally. He opens it and says she went overboard. It's a pack of things to do on date nights. Sharon looks for her purse to leave. Nick notices a drawing sticking out. It's a bride scribbled out. He realizes Faith drew it and feels discouraged. Sharon admits nothing is making her feel better about the marriage, but she'll assure her everything will work out fine. Outside, Sharon grins.

Adam arrives at Avery's apartment and tells her he wants her to sue Chelsea for custody of his son. Adam tells her about the inherited eye disease. She says that's not definitive proof. Adam says the first thing she'll do is ask for a paternity test. They debate. Adam explains about the baby being early as well. Avery can't believe Chelsea would do this to him and Dylan. Adam wants her to represent him. She suggests he hold off a few days. Adam thinks she's just concerned about Dylan. Avery leaves Dylan a message to call.

Still at Crimson Lights, Hilary and Cane realize a picture of them kissing has made GC Buzz. Hilary asks what he'll say to Lily. Cane says he'll tell he the truth.

In the park, Lily and Devon discuss the timing of the blogger taking the photo, Anne Turner, and Hilary using the situation. Devon feels like there's a piece of the puzzle missing. Cane arrives and Devon goes. Lily holds up the phone. "When did this become part of the plan?" Cane admits Lily was right about Hilary. He plans to fire her tomorrow. Lily says no - she explains she thinks Hilary is Anne Turner.

Hilary arrives at Mason's place. She's thrilled that he got such a good photo and put it online so quickly. They kiss. Hilary wishes she could be there to see the marriage blown to bits. Mason wonders why she doesn't just confront Neil. She says it's not enough - Neil and his family have to feel pain.

At Crimson Lights, Devon says into the phone that he'll be at Katherine's will reading. He spots Noah on the patio and asks if he took a picture of Cane. Noah is puzzled. Devon says to forget it. They discuss family drama and careers.

At home, Cassie and Sharon discuss the drawing. Cassie shrugs that she was just trying to show him how Faith feels. They wonder if it will make him call off the wedding. Sharon thinks it's working. "There's no way I'm going to let this wedding happen."

Avery spots the drawing at the tackhouse. Nick says Sharon brought a wedding gift and Faith is just acting out. Avery tells him about Adam's visit. Nick groans, "What a mess." Avery's upset that Chelsea used Dylan, who must be devastated. Avery feels overwhelmed. Nick says it's not about Faith, it's about Dylan. Avery insists she's not looking for an excuse to postpone.

Adam sits in the park and thinks.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Paul to listen to her story, and try not to judge her or hate her too much.

The reading of Katherine's will begins.

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