Blind To The Truth.

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Adam confronts Chelsea about Connor, Billy learns that Victoria knew Chelsea's secret, and Nikki runs interference between Jack and Victor.

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At Boulevard, Adam listens as Billy tells Dylan he's sorry. Dylan says Connor will lose his eyesight over time. Billy feels there must be something they can do. Dylan mentions that it's hereditary. Adam wipes a tear away as Billy notices him. Adam goes. Dylan and Billy continue to talk. Billy shares about Delia's leukemia. Her story had a happy ending and he's sure Connor's will too.

At home, Chelsea talks to Connor. She puts him to sleep and prays. Adam bangs loudly on the door. Chelsea hushes, "You'll wake the baby." Adam says, "My baby." Chelsea denies it. Adam tells her he knows about Connor having his inherited eye disease. He wants hear her admit the truth. Chelsea asks what he'll do. Adam says Dylan doesn't know the truth so maybe they should start there. Chelsea reminds him he promised to leave them alone after Melanie. They argue. He won't leave until he sees his son. "I want him to look at me while he still can." She refuses to wake Connor. Adam says what she did was cruel. "Did I really hurt you that badly?" He cries that he held his son the other day and she said nothing. She wants him to leave. He warns no one will keep him from his son.

Nikki re-reads Katherine's letter at the park. It says her marriage is strong enough to survive 'this'. Victoria appears. Nikki assures her she's fine. Vikki says Victor lost it with Adam earlier. They discuss the situation. Nikki is distressed and warns Victoria about getting dragged back into it. Vikki insists she's happy at home.

At the Abbott house, Victor confronts Jack about flying Summer away from Genoa City. Jack says he merely flew his daughter to see her sick mother. They taunt each other. Jack says Victor is headed for the biggest fall of his life. They continue to bicker and trade barbs until Nikki arrives and intervene. When she realizes they are arguing about Summer, Nikki reads them the riot act. They start up again. Nikki despairs of a truce. Victor leaves. Jack and Nikki discuss the will reading. Jack muses, "Buckle your seats for that one." Later, Jack leaves Adam a message that Victor's still in the dark.

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily discuss Katherine's will reading. Suddenly, Lily hollers, "So is this the way it's going to be?" Cane realizes Hilary has arrived and joins the fake argument. Lily declares that their marriage isn't working for her. Devon appears. They tell him to butt out. He leaves. Later, once Cane is alone, Hilary joins him and admits she heard them arguing. Cane pretends to confide in her and talks about how great she's been to him. Hilary says if Lily can't give him what he deserves, someone else should. She kisses him.

Vikki joins Billy and Dylan at Boulevard. Billy tells her about Connor's eye disorder. Vikki gasps that it's genetic. She covers by saying she's concerned Johnny could have it. Dylan says it comes from his side, not Chelsea's. He goes. Vikki talks to Billy about Nikki, and the argument between Adam and Victor. Billy wonders is she's thinking of returning to Newman. They agree family comes first. Billy says Connor's disorder sounds like the same eye thing Adam had. He realizes Victoria's not shocked. She admits she's known all along it was Adam's child. Billy marvels that she didn't tell him or Dylan, and worries what will happen when Adam finds out she kept it from him. Vikki asks if he'll tell Dylan. Billy says Adam overheard Dylan earlier.

Lily catches up to Devon in the park and explains that they staged the argument for Hilary's benefit. Devon hopes it doesn't backfire. Lily doesn't see how it could.

Dylan arrives home to find Adam with a tear-stained Chelsea. Adam tells Dylan he'll let Chelsea explain and warns him not to be blind to the truth. Adam leaves. Dylan asks Chelsea, "What's going on?"

At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki not to run interference between him and Jack. He asks why she went there. She muses that Jack and Adam have become close.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily holds up a phone with a photo of Hilary kissing Cane. "When did this become a part of the plan?"

Avery tells Adam she can't believe Chelsea would do this to him and to Dylan. Adam asks her to help him get his son.

Dylan asks Chelsea, "What are the odds that our son and your ex have the same genetic disorder?"

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