This Is Your Fight.

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Anita deals with a very upset Chelsea, Adam confronts Victor about the surveillance, and Victor learns the identity of the secret investor.

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At the ranch, Victoria tells Victor she knows he's upset about the loss of Katherine. He doesn't want to talk about it. She goes to make tea. Adam arrives and confronts Victor about being followed and his office being bugged. Victor acts surprised but Adam doesn't buy it. Victoria reappears. She's amused at Adam falling out of favor. Adam rants about Victor not trusting him. Victor gets angry. Adam tells Vikki not to be jealous of them anymore, and guarantees Victor he'll be the last man standing when the dust clears. After, Vikki presses Victor for details on what has happened. Victor admits Adam failed his test and says he'll sever business ties with him if necessary. Vikki asks what about family ties? Victor says he's prepared to lose his son. Victoria tells Victor she's sorry - she thinks Adam broke his heart. Victor denies it and says everything's under control.

Tyler, Noah, Abby, and Courtney arrive at Crimson Lights after their concert. Noah and Abby say Katherine would have wanted them to go. Noah gets sensitive when talk turns to his career. He apologizes and says he's not found his passion in life. Courtney asks if he's ever worked for Newman. Noah and Abby laugh. Noah says his dad worked there and is scarred for life. Abby muses that Noah could be good for Victor. Noah says he'd never work behind a desk at Newman...ever. Courtney takes Tyler aside to grill him about whether Noah likes her, and Victoria arrives. She warns Noah and Abby that Victor and Adam had a falling out and Adam has the upper hand - Victor could lose the company. Noah says they can't let that happen. Abby muses, "Not interested in the company, huh?"

At home, Dylan looks at Connor and muses, "It just doesn't make sense." Chelsea doesn't think they should get worked up about the eye disease until they get the test results. She gives Dylan a four leaf clover she got for luck during labor. Dylan says they need it - he feels really unlucky right now. Dylan thinks he must have passed on the gene that could make Connor lose his sight. Chelsea begs him to stop saying that - they can't be worried about blame. Dylan is distraught at the idea of their son going blind. Anita arrives. She realizes something's wrong and thinks it's her. They tell her they got bad news - Connor has something wrong with his eyes. Dylan steps out. Chelsea tells Anita the baby inherited the eye disease from Adam. She sobs that Dylan is blaming himself. Chelsea wonders how she ever thought she'd get away with this. Anita tries to talk her down. Chelsea says if Adam finds out Connor has this eye disease, it won't take him long to figure out he's the father. Anita thinks they can keep it under wraps as long as they keep Dylan from talking. Once alone, Chelsea assures Connor he'll be fine and says he has the best daddy in the world.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Billy discuss Katherine's memorial and Jill's contribution - they think Katherine would have loved it. Talk turns to Victor trying to keep Summer away from Jack. Billy wonders if he understands simple biology. Jack says it's going to get ugly fast. He tells Billy that he and Summer shared a plane to Georgia, but there's been nothing since. Billy warns against a war with Victor. Jack says it's already begun. Billy tells him to be careful. He leaves as Adam arrives to warn Jack that Victor's gone into overdrive trying to figure out the identity of his investor. Jack goes crazy when he hears about Adam being followed - he doesn't want to be found out. He says he provided the money when Adam wanted a genuine relationship with his father and asks if that's changed. Adam says it doesn't matter - it's clear Victor doesn't want it. Jack's sorry. Adam says Jack knew this could happen. Jack says he has to be careful because of Summer. "It's my money, but this is your fight." Adam regrets getting soft where Victor is concerned. Adam says he'll have to push Victor out sooner than planned. Jack says Victor will lose everything.

Billy greets Dylan at Boulevard. He says he looks like hell and assumes the baby kept him up all night. Dylan wonders if it's true the sins of the father are passed down to the son. He worries his past has caught up to him. Billy won't pry. He asks about Connor. Dylan sighs. Nearby, Anita arrives at the same time as Adam. He congratulates her on becoming a grandmother. She tells him Chelsea has never been happier. Adam makes his way into the restaurant in time to overhear Dylan tell Billy that Connor's check-up didn't go so well. He has a degenerative eye disease and could go blind.

At the ranch, Victor calls to see what his informant found out. "You sure? Jack Abbott. Thank you." He chuckles to himself. "Well, well, well. If it ain't Jack Abbott. Oh yeah. I'll be damned."

Victor shows up at Jack's door and tells him he's a hypocrite, and he knows what he's up to.

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