Katherine's Memorial Part 1.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Nina tells Paul about her letter, Katherine's loved ones speak at her memorial, Jill breaks down at the podium.

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Danny arrives at the park where Katherine's memorial will soon be held and does a sound check for the song he'll be singing later. Amber arrives and talks to Katherine's portrait. She wishes it hadn't taken this to get her back to Genoa City. Nick and Avery appear. They remark on it being the perfect spot for the service. Nick muses, "I may just have solved one of our problems."

At the Chancellor estate, Jill tells a photo of Katherine, "I hope today makes you happy." Vikki and Billy arrive. Jill explains that Mackenzie isn't coming - she said she had personal issues going on. Chloe and Delia come down the stairs. Victoria compliments Delia on her invitations. Murphy is there. Billy asks why the memorial is at a park. Murphy says they'll find out later. Jill muses that she wanted a party. "Let's give the old girl what she asked for."

Jack picks up the invitation to the memorial from his living room table, slips it into his jacket, and leaves the house.

At the station, Paul looks at his invitation to the memorial and sighs. His brother, Father Todd, enters, and they embrace. Paul takes Todd over to talk to Kevin, who will give him a ride over while Paul waits for Christine. Paul, Todd, and Kevin joke about Kevin being on the right side of the law. He reflects on Katherine never giving up on him. Kevin wishes she'd seen him working there. Todd says she's seeing him right now and he's certain she's proud.

At the ranch, Nikki removes Victor's tie. "This is not a funeral, it's a celebration. That's what Katherine wants." Nikki takes a call from Paul, who says she just gave him a name and number and asked him to find out who it is - shall he move forward? Nikki just wants to get through today first.

At the Club, Devon tells Neil, Cane, and Lily that Ana can't make it and Tucker isn't coming either. The idea of celebrating is too much for him. Cane remarks that at least Tucker got to say goodbye. Devon talks about not having his grandmother anymore.

Nina arrives at the station. Paul smiles at her. She tells him she's heartbroken about Katherine, who wrote her a letter before she died. In it, she urged her to let go of any resentment. Nina says the letter set her free to move on and find love. They are hugging when Chris arrives. Once alone, Paul says it was good to see Nina. Christine tells him not to be disappointed he didn't get a letter. He says he'll share hers.

Nikki and Victor arrive at the park. Victor greets Nick. Nikki joins Jill, who asks if she's okay. Nikki says nothing will be the same again. Jill muses that they've never been close, and admits it nearly killed her sometimes how Katherine treated Nikki like a daughter. Nikki says Katherine loved Jill too. Jill thinks she put them together on preparations because she wanted them to get closer. Nikki smiles. "Maybe she was trying to tell us something." Each asks the other if Katherine told them about her letter. Danny greets them and steals Jill away. Jack arrives. Victor looks tense. Chloe looks at Katherine's portrait and flashes to a conversation they shared. Kevin appears and they talk about Delia, who is with a sitter. Kevin misses them both. Billy and Jack talk about John having been gone for seven years. Billy wonders if he's up there with Katherine skinny-dipping like they did in high school. They laugh about the old stories. Cane and Lily arrive and chat with Amber. She says they look happy. Devon looks at Katherine's portrait and flashes to when he resisted getting to know her. He laments wasting time. Neil reassures him. Gina has come in, and is talking to Victor and Nikki. Nina greets Danny. They laugh together. Lauren and Michael are there. Brock arrives. He and Jill embrace.

Father Todd calls for everyone to take a seat. "It's time to celebrate everything we loved about the great Katherine Chancellor." He reads a bible passage as Danny plays the keyboard. Each person thinks of Katherine. Victor comes to the podium. He shares a story about Katherine not being afraid to tell him the truth. "I will never meet the like of her again. She was a remarkable woman." Nikki speaks next. She tells about Katherine being strong for her when she was drunk in Mexico. "Katherine saved me countless times." She tries not to cry, wondering what she will do without her. Devon is next. He says they barely got to say hello and here they are saying goodbye. Lauren and Danny talk about him being the first rock star Katherine ever knew. Jill, Vikki, and Nikki joke about her penchant for younger men, apologizing to Murphy. Brock shares about Katherine's disbelieving reaction when he told her he'd found God. Cane talks about Katherine giving him trouble for telling the family about her surgery. He'd do it all over again. "No tears today, my friends. No tears." Christine shares her letter, which reminds her to let the paperwork wait and live in the moment. Nina recalls how she once despised Katherine and Jill; they tried to pay her to move to Guam. Amber gets up and says, like Nikki, Katherine saved her life too. Esther takes the podium and sobs. Jill tells her to get on with it. Esther says her favorite memory was the cake fight with Jill. Last, Jill speaks. She says she has about a million stories about Katherine. "No tears, Katherine? The hell with that!" She completely breaks down sobbing. "What am I going to do without you?" Cane rushes to hold her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tells Christine, "I just read Katherine's letter." Christine asks, "What did she say?"

Devon asks Murphy, "What happens now? Did Katherine have anything else planned?" Murphy says, "The reading of her will."

Father Todd says, "We all came here to celebrate the life of a woman we dearly loved, and that celebration continues."

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