No More Waiting.

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Abby learns about Tyler's past feelings for Lily, Daniel makes plans for Phyllis, and Neil and Leslie visit Evanston.

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Tyler, in a towel, answers his apartment door to Lily, who's upset that the blogger seems to think she has a thing for him. Abby arrives wondering about him and Lily. She stares at Lily. Tyler reads the blog, which talks about Lily maybe getting her freak on with him while Cane is gone, and about the look on her face when she saw him kissing Abby. Lily rants. Abby wants to know if the blogger knows something about them she doesn't. Tyler doesn't know who the blogger is or how they're getting information. Lily and Tyler argue about him pursuing her and her marriage. She exits. Tyler tells Abby at one point he wished he and Lily could be more than friends, and doesn't think it was one-sided. They talk about being mature and taking their time. Abby suddenly says no more waiting. They get hot and heavy on the sofa, but Abby says it won't work on the stinky, lumpy couch.

Leslie and Neil arrive at the bar in Evanston. Neil's flashbacks tell him it's where he met Rose. He remembers them drinking and talking about sadness. Leslie wonders if she was sad about Gus cutting her off. Neil sits in the booth. A local hits on Leslie so Neil throws him out. The bartender apologizes. They ask him about Rose. He remembers her, and Neil too. He says that night, some guy tried to take Rose's purse and Neil tackled him. He was a hero. The bartender says Neil and Rose left together and he never saw them again. Neil recalls showing Rose a photo of Devon and Lily. Rose said Lily and her Anne would be best friends. Leslie points out that they left together. Neil says if anything else happened it's locked in his memory. Leslie suggests hypnosis. Neil has concerns about opening a whole new can of worms.

At Boulevard, Melanie tells Billy her claim against Adam has been moved to the top of the pile. Billy would love to be there when Adam gets slapped with the suit. He's surprised to hear she will also try to ruin Adam via a civil suit.

Adam arrives at the Abbott house to find Jack has had Phyllis' prognosis confirmed by several neurological specialists - she may never wake up again. Jack tells Adam he proposed when Phyllis woke up and she squeezed his hand. Adam asks if she spoke. Jack admits she said 'Nick'. Adam offers to fly in specialists. Jack doesn't think it will do any good, but he'll figure out a way to pull her out of this. He promises Adam he won't turn to pills. Adam says he's there for him as Billy arrives. Jack goes up to get things for the hospital. Billy tells Adam that Jack will get support from his family - they'll be there when he's no longer around. Adam asks why he wouldn't be around. They are sniping when Jack reappears. He finds the book he wants to read to Phyllis. Her to-do list is the bookmark.

At the hospital, Avery tells Phyllis she's a survivor. In the waiting area, Daniel arrives and hugs Summer. Daniel lets her know he's up to speed on everything. She's glad he's there. Avery joins them. Daniel goes in to see Phyllis and recalls memories of them together. He says he knows she doesn't have an advanced directive, and promises to do what he knows she'd want him to do. Summer and Avery join him. Avery says they're a family. Daniel excuses himself. He makes a call to someone, saying they spoke earlier about his mother and he'd like to move forward. Jack arrives. They discuss Nick and Summer. Daniel wants to talk about what happens next. Jack just wants to see Phyllis. Adam arrives and chats with Avery. He cares about her and Jack. In the room, Jack reads to Phyllis but gets no reaction. Daniel slips in as Jack vows to stay by her side until she opens her eyes. Daniel says after today, she won't be there. He's having her moved to a cutting edge program in a facility off the coast of Georgia. Jack is stunned. Avery appears and says he's not taking Phyllis anywhere. Daniel says it's not up to her.

Billy returns to Boulevard where Melanie announces that a judge has determined her claim has merit. Billy just wants Adam thrown out of Newman. Adam wheels in and she mentions not seeing him around much. As he and Billy trade barbs, Adam gets served.

At Crimson Lights, Lily calls Cane and laughs off the blog post, but her smile fades at his response.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tells Kevin, Lauren, and Michael there's still no sign of Carmine. Lauren can't believe he's still out there.

Cassie asks Sharon if she regrets switching the results. Sharon says what she regrets is time bomb Phyllis finding out the truth.

Nick tells Daniel that Phyllis is going to recover. Daniel hollers, "You don't know that!" He is upset about catching flack for trying to do the right thing for her.

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