Cut Me Loose.

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Lauren angers Carmine by trying to escape, Phyllis opens her eyes and becomes agitated, and Cassie advises Sharon to come clean with Nick.

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In the cabin, Lauren tells Carmine how much he means to her and asks him to cut her loose so she can show him. He doesn't trust her. She says she had to fight for her family and keeps trying to talk him around. He says it's not going to work. Lauren asks him again to untie her so she can hold him. He kisses her. Lauren tells him she wants to touch him. He unties her and they kiss again. She reaches for the knife. He sees, but she manages to stab his arm, but trips trying to escape. He hollers if she wants to get rough, they will. He ties her to the bed and gags her.

At the station, Michael and Kevin discuss what Carmine might be capable of, and Paul says Jill took Fen home. Michael wants Paul to let him out. There's nothing Paul can do. A detective enters with Phyllis' effects from the stairway. Michael can't believe he's stuck in there when Phyllis and Lauren need him. Michael tells Paul to find Carmine and shoot him. Paul and Kevin warn him to watch what he's saying. Michael says if Carmine can't have Lauren he'll make sure that he can't either. Paul leaves and returns. He tells them Carmine got fired. Paul says he's got an APB out on him and urges a ranty Michael to be rational. When Paul steps out, Kevin says they may be at this place outside of town. Kevin hacks the computer and puts the station on lockdown. Michael slips out. After, Paul tells Kevin he knows what he did. "Where the hell is your brother?"

Phyllis' eyes are open in the hospital. Jack asks if she remembers what happened. She flashes to arguing with Sharon. Her pulse speeds up, but she can't speak. Jack hollers for a doctor as Nick, Avery, and Summer appear. Phyllis recalls what happened in the stairwell and becomes increasingly agitated. As the doctor takes over and everyone steps out, Phyllis says, "Sh, sh, shhh." The doctor joins the others and urges them to keep Phyllis calm. He warns there can be lasting effects from brain surgery. He'll run more tests when the sedative wears off. Avery goes in and says she can't handle her disappearing from her life again. She talks about their childhood. In the hall, Summer says she's calling Daniel. Nick and Jack bicker about Summer. She tells them to stop and Avery intervenes too. Nick and Avery leave. Jack apologizes to Summer. She watches him rejoin Phyllis. Kyle appears behind Summer. He's checking on his dad. Detective Gordon arrives and gives Summer the items from the stairwell. Kyle joins Jack and says he and Summer don't want him to overdo it - neither would Phyllis. Jack doesn't want her to wake up alone. Later, Jack opens up to Phyllis, who opens her eyes again. He asks her to marry him. Phyllis says, "Nick."

Sharon tries unsuccessfully to get information from the hospital at home. Cassie appears and warns that Phyllis won't keep quiet. Sharon laments that Nick could never love her again after this. She worries she might lose Faith too. Cassie says, "Dad needs to hear the truth from you." She thinks Sharon can make him understand.

Nick complains to Avery, at the tackhouse, that he let Jack push his buttons. Sharon arrives. Avery goes upstairs. Nick thanks Sharon for being a good friend. She says she hasn't been a good friend to him. Sharon talks about understanding why he claimed Summer as his own, and about regretting the choices they make sometimes. Nick says he'd do it all over again. Avery calls out. Sharon goes. Outside, she thinks and makes a face.

At the penthouse, Summer realizes that the lipstick the detective gave her isn't Phyllis'.

Michael bursts into the cabin as Carmine tells Lauren she can make as much noise as she wants. Michael looks murderous.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Leslie, "I knew her. I think I knew your dad's Rose."

Paul wonders, "Where the hell is Michael?" Kevin says he'll check his place. Paul tells him to get back there.

Sharon approaches Jack at the hospital. "How is Phyllis?"

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