Let Me Love You.

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Lauren tries to fool Carmine, Leslie and Neil discuss catching the blogger, and Abby gets Lily upset about Cane's business trip.

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At the hospital, Jack tells Phyllis it's time to wake up. Summer enters. Jack tries to give her space but she tells him he doesn't have to go. She beats herself up for not going to the gala with Phyllis. Jack says that thinking won't help. Billy arrives with a change of clothes for Jack. They step out. Billy says Traci will be by later, Ashley sends her love, Abby keeps texting, and Kyle's looking after Jabot. Jack muses that Dad would be proud. He admits he thought about going off the wagon last night, but wants to be strong. He says he, Phyllis and Summer will be a family. Billy says he and Victoria will dance at their wedding. Inside, Summer talks to Phyllis about how they survived her terrible teens. "You always forgive me." Summer pleads with her to fight. She admits to scratching the car and borrowing her sweater. Jack returns. He says Phyllis is proud of her. Jack coaxes Phyllis to open her eyes. He'll stay there until she does. Summer exits and Jack tells Phyllis that's some girl they've got there. Phyllis opens her eyes.

Lily and Abby have a meeting at Crimson Lights. Lily apologizes for missing the meeting yesterday - she had things to work out with Cane, but everything's fine now. Abby sees something on her phone and shows Lily. "Are you sure about that?" It says that Cane boarded a plane to New York with a beautiful woman who was not his wife. Lily says it was probably the woman boarding ahead of him and it's meant to get a rise out of her. Abby says it seems to be working. She talks her into calling Cane. A woman answers. It's Hilary, who says she's in New York with Cane. Lily asks her to tell him she called. Abby wonders why Cane didn't tell her he was taking Hilary with him. Lily gets defensive. Abby mentions that Tyler told her Cane didn't like them working together and now he's on an overnight trip with his assistant. Lily says no one will come between her and Cane.

In New York, Hilary studies a photo of Cane and Lily.

At the station, Kevin is upset to hear that Michael was denied bail and his charge was upped to attempted murder. Michael wonders why Lauren didn't show up at the hearing. Jill arrives and tells them Lauren and Fen didn't come home last night. Kevin has a way to track Lauren. Paul doesn't want to know. Kevin tracks Lauren's phone to a landfill outside of town. Michael freaks out and tells Paul to find Basco. Kevin gets a text from Fen saying he's with friends. Jill tries to keep Michael cool. Paul says Lauren hasn't been to work and Basco hasn't been seen since yesterday. Michael curses - he can't find her while he's locked up.

In the cabin, Lauren refuses to eat for Carmine. He talks about her eating the chocolate-covered strawberries before and kisses her neck. She acts tense. He says what they shared meant something to her too. She says he's right, it did, but there's no future in it. She explains about her family. Carmine says Michael made her miserable. "Let me love you." Carmine says he texted Kevin pretending to be Fen. He complains that Michael let Fen and Lauren down. Carmine feels they're destined to be together. Lauren says he's right - it hasn't worked out with her and Michael. Carmine warns her not to lie to him. She says she stopped Michael from shooting him because she couldn't lose him. Lauren asks him to untie her so she can prove it to him.

At Boulevard, Neil comments to Leslie that something terrible happens every time Victor holds an event. He sees something new on GC Buzz and tells Leslie it has nothing to do with Carmine this time. Neil is fed up with people hurting his family. Leslie thinks it's interesting that the blogger has stopped using the old diary entries - it's a good thing. She says the blogger will be easier to catch if they're out there watching his loved ones. They can make use of security footage, but they'll have to be patient. Billy appears and updates them on Phyllis. Leslie is interested to hear that Billy fired Carmine. She leaves and Neil flashes to meeting Rose in Evanston.

Later, Fen is brought into the station by Jill. He tells Michael it's a bummer he didn't 'waste' Carmine. Michael grills him and he laughs. Michael notices his eyes. Fen mentions losing his phone yesterday. Michael realizes Carmine has his phone and used it to lure Lauren. Kevin can't track it because Fen disabled the GPS so his parents couldn't check up on him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael tells Paul he wants him to shoot Carmine Basco.

Sharon tells Cassie that Phyllis won't remember what they were arguing about. Cassie asks, "And if she does?"

Phyllis struggles to speak. Summer looks on as Jack asks, "Sweetheart? What has you so agitated?"

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