Sirens And Red Lights.

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Nick tells Summer about her mother, Dylan helps a worried Avery feel better, and Billy and Melanie discuss their plan.

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Dylan teases Chelsea as they come out of Lamaze class at the hospital. Chloe appears and tells Chelsea she has an emergency - like sirens and red lights. It turns out it's a fashion emergency so Dylan takes off. Chloe then tells Chelsea it's really a blackmail emergency. She spouts off about Victoria going after Cheslea because she thinks she wants Billy back. Chelsea says she wasn't bluffing and she has nothing to lose. Chelsea warns if Adam finds out about the baby he'll come after what's his with a vengeance. Chloe admits to kissing Billy. Chelsea's exasperated. Chloe insists he's obsessed with Victoria anyway. Elsewhere, Jack and Avery decide to wait while Nick heads out to find Summer. Avery and Jack talk about Phyllis being a fighter. Jack says she should have seen Phyllis the night Summer was born. He tells the story of how brave she was then and talks about the things she's gone through since then. Avery tears up. She leaves to get coffee.

Nick arrives at the penthouse. Summer tells him she's not going to the fundraiser. Nick says something happened. Her mother fell down the stairs and is unconscious and undergoing surgery. Summer becomes frantic. Nick says no one is tougher than Phyllis. He can't promise she'll be okay but they can pray. Summer goes into his arms.

Avery orders coffee at Crimson Lights. She cries to Dylan about Phyllis being in surgery. She says, "She's my sister. I've missed her for so long. I can't lose her." Dylan talks about Phyllis being in a battle. Avery tells him about their last conversation being their best since childhood. Dylan insists Phyllis can feel that she's there helping her through.

Billy and Melanie look at her paperwork at Boulevard. He talks about getting Vikki back into Newman so she'll like him again. They talk about how it should all play out. Billy thinks Victor will push Adam out and ask Victoria to come back - he'll be a hero. Billy tells her about his past and how Victoria came to be in his life. He hopes she still loves him.

Vikki sees people off from the gala. Adam reappears with a cheque. Vikki tells him about Phyllis and grabs his arm. "Don't go near that hospital." Adam informs her he's going there to be a friend to Jack.

Victoria arrives at the hospital, causing Chelsea and Chloe to gape. They get into it about Victoria's 'request'. Chloe thought they were friends, and says Billy wants Victoria only. Victoria complains that someone distracted him so much that he didn't show up at the gala. Chloe says Victor would have punched him, and tells her to lay off the paranoia. Victoria accuses her of always having wanted Billy. Chelsea asks why she'd try to ruin her life by involving Adam. Victoria says nothing will be ruined if Chloe keeps her priorities straight. Elsewhere, Adam sits by Jack, assuring him Phyllis will be up and around and mocking him soon. He tells him it's okay to be scared. Jack admits he's terrified. Adam reassures him again. Nick appears with Summer. Adam walks past Victoria, who's upset he's there. He tells her goodnight. Vikki hugs Jack and approaches Summer. She tells her she'll always be her aunt. Jack reassures Summer that her mother will wake up. Nick says they're both there for her. Summer realizes they both love Phyllis and worries about her mother coming out of this the same. Meanwhile, Chelsea tells Chloe that Jeffery now knows about her baby too. Chloe tells her everything is okay, nothing's changed. Adam hears. He asks if everything is okay. They tell him they're fine. He explains he was there because of Phyllis.

Victoria arrives at Boulevard and sees Billy with Melanie. She tells him about Phyllis and says Jack needs him. Adam comes in and chats with Melanie, who makes nice. Billy and Vikki leave for the hospital.

Chelsea arrives at Crimson Lights as Dylan hugs Avery goodbye. She tells him she knows about Phyllis - Adam told her. She assures him Adam didn't upset her. They talk about the birthing plans.

Avery returns to the hospital in time for the doctor to tell them the surgery went well but he can't give an accurate prognosis until she wakes up.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Abby says to Lily, "Well GC Buzz is putting that trust to the test." Lily replies, "It will not make me doubt Cane."

Kevin tells Michael if Lauren is in trouble he knows she can take care of herself.

Lauren eyeballs a steak knife as Carmine asks, "You're not lying to me, are you Lauren?" That would be a big mistake."

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