A Lover Not A Fighter.

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Sharon talks to Cassie about Phyllis' fall, Nick, Jack, and Avery gather at the hospital, and Carmine refuses to let Lauren leave the cabin.

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At home, Lily and Cane drink to making up and not letting anyone get in the way of their happiness. They kiss and head to the bedroom but the kids wake up. While Cane deals with the twins, Lily flashes to when she was expecting. Cane returns, but the kids call again. They tell the twins there are no monsters under the bed. The kids call each other names. Lily and Cane talk about not saying hurtful things and loving each other. Later, they discuss parenting and Lily gives Cane something to think about on the plane to New York tomorrow...

In the stairwell at the gala, Phyllis struggles with Sharon over the cellphone and falls. Jack can be heard saying, "Hello? Phyllis?" Sharon gapes at Phyllis laying unconscious. She hangs up on Jack.

Victoria and Noah congratulate Nikki and Victor at the fundraiser. Nikki walks over to thank Nicholas for coming. He says goodnight. Nearby, Jack leaves Phyllis a message. Avery tells Nick she's realized his only motivation in what he did was love. She has no more doubts. They decide to take the stairs and emerge onto the landing above where Sharon is about to call for help and loses a lipstick while pulling her phone out. Sharon looks up at them kissing and makes a quick exit. Avery and Nick spot Phyllis and call 911.

Still in the gala, Jack tells Noah he supports him and Summer staying close. Dr. Costner is chatting with Nikki when Avery rushes up saying that it's Phyllis. Jack follows them to the stairwell. The doctor kneels by Nick and says they don't have a moment to lose.

At the station, Paul advises Michael not to handle his own case. Michael's just worried about being kept there. Paul warns Christine can't appear to go easy on the former D.A. Jill arrives, concerned about Lauren. Paul gets a call that the arraignment is set. Michael explains to Jill that he needs someone to represent him. Michael wants Jill to support Lauren. Paul leaves, saying someone was hurt at the gala. Michael and Jill discuss Fen's drug use. Jill can relate to your child trying to self-destruct. She decides to call Fen, but he doesn't answer. She'll try again later. Michael thanks her. Jill leaves to wait for Lauren at home.

At the cabin, Lauren rants at Carmine for luring her there. She wants Fen's phone back. She lashes out about Michael being in jail. Carmine says he's a lover not a fighter. He offers to drop the charges for one more hour with her - just talking. She agrees but he's upset when she acts cold. Lauren says she had no idea he felt deeply - she will never return his feelings. Carmine says his words aren't convincing her and pulls her into a kiss. He won't let her leave and says he now wants more than an hour. Lauren picks up her ringing phone and he snatches it. He'll have to make sure she doesn't do that again. Carmine ties her to the chair. He knows it's his last chance, so she can't leave.

At home, Sharon frantically mutters to herself that she didn't intend for Phyllis to get hurt. Cassie appears and asks if she's sure. Sharon insists it was an accident - she was just trying to grab her phone. Cassie believes her. Noah arrives, saying Nick needs her to pick up Faith because he's at the hospital - Phyllis had an accident and may have a brain injury. Sharon gasps, "No!" Noah is puzzled at her reaction. Sharon stammers an explanation. Noah goes. Sharon realizes Phyllis will tell the truth when she wakes up. Cassie asks what she'll do. Sharon's just glad no one knows she was there when she fell.

At the hospital, Phyllis has been taken for an MRI. Avery reassures Jack, who says she called him right before she fell. The doctor tells him Phyllis in good shape except she isn't waking up. Paul arrives to talk with Avery and Nick about foul play. Nick says apparently she was in a hurry to get there, and Avery says she heard a noise just before they saw her. They join Jack in Phyllis' room. The doctor says she has a clot in her brain and they have to operate to remove it. Nick suggests Jack call Summer, but Jack feels she should hear this from Nick. Nick leaves a message. Phyllis is prepped for surgery.

Victoria reports to Nikki and Victor, at the gala, that there is no word on Phyllis yet. Nikki thinks they should shut things down and then questions Victor about Billy. Later, Paul shows up to inspect the stairwell. Victor talks about the money they raised.

Paul finds Sharon's lipstick in the stairwell.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea complains to Chloe that her entire future depends on unpredictable people keeping their mouths shut. "How long can this last, Chloe?"

Avery tells Dylan that Phyllis is her sister, she's missed her for so long, she can't lose her.

Nick says to Summer, "No one is tougher than your mom." Summer tearfully replies, "But you won't promise."

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