Bring Out The Carnivore.

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Phyllis overhears Sharon talking about the DNA switch, Adam confronts Nick at the gala, and Billy talks Melanie into going after Adam.

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At Boulevard, Billy fires Carmine because there have been too many confrontations. Carmine says he has bigger plans for himself and leaves. Billy listens to Nikki's message inviting him to the gala. Melanie arrives. Billy suggests she charge Adam with sexual harassment. She thinks she can support such a claim, but is worried it would prevent her from getting hired elsewhere. She wonders how it would benefit Billy. He explains Victoria's a Newman and he needs a big gesture. Billy talks Melanie into it.

Lauren visits Michael at the station. She tells him Carmine said he would drop all charges if he could have one more night with her. They talk about the video and why it would be upsetting for her to pursue charges. They discuss Fen's drug use. Michael thinks he sees them as a solution. He worries about getting out of there. He's afraid of what Carmine might do.

Victor speaks about MS at the gala and then introduces Nikki. Jack tells Adam that he's going to propose to Phyllis. He wonders where she is and tries to call.

At the cemetery, Phyllis hears Sharon say that she made Nick believe that Jack was Summer's father. She talks about how she put things right. Phyllis' phone rings and Sharon looks at her. Phyllis tells her she heard what she said. Sharon claims it was nonsense. Phyllis asks how she tricked everyone and realizes she broke into the lab and changed the results. Sharon protests. Phyllis says she's going to tell everyone she hurt by doing this and then call the authorities. Sharon pleads as Phyllis takes off.

Nikki talks at the fundraiser. Adam and Jack talk about her being a strong woman. Adam asks him how he's handling the news about Summer. Nick appears. Adam congratulates him for doing something so epic he made him look good. Nick disagrees - he's a psychopath. They bicker. Adam wonders why no one's outraged at Nick. Avery intervenes. Adam goes on about Nick's arrogance. Jack agrees. What Nick did was worthy of the Black Knight himself. Noah, Nikki, and Victor talk about Summer dodging their calls. Nikki spots Victoria watching for Billy. Victoria guesses family isn't a priority for him. Noah joins the Adam and Nick argument. Avery asks Adam to let it go. Adam asks if Avery's let it go. Noah defends Nick and Victor walks over. Jack and Adam step aside. Adam says these family gatherings bring out the carnivore in him. Nikki talks to Jack. Adam leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Raven tells Fen it was stupid to buy stuff from someone in an alley and then OD on it. Fen confides that he told his parents Carmine sold it to him. He says he wants to disappear from the world. Carmine listens as Raven talks to Fen about going on a 'trip' and they don't have to leave town. Carmine speaks to Fen but they leave.

Still at the station, Lauren gets a text from Fen saying he's in trouble and needs her. She asks where he is...

Lauren arrives at a cabin calling out for Fen. Carmine appears. She realizes he sent the text and smacks him.

Fen and Raven enter the coffee house patio. They're hallucinating and laughing.

Summer and Kyle talk at the penthouse. He hopes they can be friends. She can't forget that they almost... He says he can't either, but they have to have willpower. Summer worries about her impulse control - she has none. She asks how she's supposed to shut off her feelings for him. He admits he still feels that way too. They talk about staying away from each other. She says she'll leave town. Kyle goes.

Downstairs at the gala venue, Phyllis decides not to wait for the elevator and heads to the stairs. Sharon is behind her calling out. Phyllis turns and rants at her about what she's done to Summer, a young girl, and how she jeopardized Jack's sobriety. Sharon says he has Phyllis to help him and now he has a daughter. They argue about Nick. Phyllis says Sharon is trying to rewrite history. Sharon tells her they're going to be a family again and there's not a damn thing she can do about it. Phyllis reminds her Nick's with Avery now, and she is going to expose her dirty deed. Phyllis orders, "Get out of my way you demented bitch!" Phyllis pulls out her cellphone and dials Jack. She tells him she is outside the gala and has something to tell him. He can't hear for the applause. Sharon and Phyllis struggle over the phone. Phyllis trips and falls down the stairs, banging her head on the concrete at the bottom.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki wants to know if Victor said or did anything to keep Billy away from the gala.

Carmine won't let Lauren leave the cabin.

Sharon is over Phyllis' body. Nick and Avery step into the stairwell to kiss.

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- Candace Young

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