Pauper Instead Of The Prince.

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Jack and Phyllis talk, Noah learns what Nick did, and Chelsea pays Jeff.

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At home, Chelsea awakens and asks Dylan if he was thinking about Afghanistan. She tells him maybe they'll have a little girl like Aura. He vows to protect the child with everything in him. Dylan leaves to get Chelsea a sandwich.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Jeffrey reads a headline about Adam and clucks to himself that he can't let Chelsea choose the pauper instead of the prince. He scoops a tip off another table. Inside, Avery talks to Summer about one day forgiving Nick. Summer wonders if Avery can forgive him. Avery says she told Nick they would get through this. She wants to help Summer. Summer wishes it was all a bad dream. She says this is her nightmare, it doesn't have to be Avery's too. After, Dylan arrives and spots Avery. She confides that Nick kept a big secret from her. Dylan says they all have baggage. He asks if she can forgive Nick.

At the Abbott house, Jack is taken aback when Phyllis says she's worried about Summer...and is concerned about Nick too. Jack says he brought this on himself and now they're all paying for it. He remembers loving her and then finding out she was pregnant by Nick. He says he didn't just lose a daughter, Nick took her and the family they should have had. Jack says it still stings that she didn't tell him right away. Phyllis muses that Traci was right about her hurting him. Jack softens; they will take things slow.

Nick opens the tackhouse door to Kyle. Nick says he knows he's a jerk. He suggests Kyle leave and check on Jack. Kyle snarks about his concern for Jack and complains about what he's done to Summer. Nick says he knew in his gut Summer was his. Kyle counters that it was just greed. They argue. Nick thinks he did a good job of raising Summer and will always love her. Kyle wonders if he'll stalk her. Nick gets that Kyle is upset, and tells him Summer needs his friendship right now. Kyle reminds him he's not her friend, he's her brother!

Jeffrey arrives at Chelsea and Dylan's place. He tells Chelsea he's there to save her from the biggest mistake of her life. He says they both know she's carrying Adam's kid. Chelsea tells him to drop it. He tells her to look around; cockroaches would turn their nose up at this dump. Chelsea has her own money - she doesn't need to be saved. Jeff references her 'pesky little lie' and says a man has the right to know the truth. Chelsea says he wouldn't know the truth if it sat in his lap and called him Grandpa. She thinks he wants money to keep quiet and cuts him a check. Jeff calls it just a loan. Chelsea warns him to stay away from Adam as Dylan returns. Jeff goes, and Dylan asks about the warning. Chelsea jokes about Jeff wanting a settlement from Adam.

Nick arrives at The Underground. Noah chatters about a promotion. Nick tells him he messed up bad and may never be able to fix it. Noah learns that Nick's not Summer's father. Noah is aghast - he told him all his life to be honest! He thinks about Faith. He's so angry right now. He tells Nick to leave.

Summer studies the Abbott family photos on the living room mantle. Kyle joins her. "Everything is upside down." She asks how they do this. She doesn't even know how to stand there with him. Jack appears. She stammers that she's just getting some of her stuff and goes upstairs. Jack asks Kyle how he's doing. Kyle's just worried about Summer. Phyllis enters. Summer reappears. She's not up for staying there and walks out. Phyllis is worried about Jack's feelings. They need to work things out. Jack says Summer's not ready. Phyllis vows to be there every step of the way. Jack doesn't need to forgive Phyllis, it's all Nick's fault. They kiss.

Sharon naps on her couch, having happy family dreams about Nick. They are back together and kissing. Faith appears. She had a bad dream and wants Daddy. Nick arrives and Sharon arranges for Faith to spend the night at his place. She reminds him she's there for him.

Nick returns to the tackhouse, puts Faith to bed, and hugs Avery. Sharon watches through the window.

Kyle orders a drink from Noah at Underground. They discuss Nick. Things get tense when Kyle badmouths Nick. Noah says he'll always have Summer's back.

Summer cries at the penthouse.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chloe tells Billy they still need to deal with that kiss.

Phyllis finds Nick with Victoria. He says he was just filling her in on what happened. Phyllis asks if she gave him enough time to put the blame on her.

Adam says to Victor, "It must be disappointing having a son you can't trust. Hey, have you spoken to Nicholas lately?"

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