From T-Ball To Overdose.

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Carmine gets off, Nick faces off with Jack, and Summer tries to come to grips with her situation.

From T-Ball To Overdose. image


Avery is at the club with Leslie. She's distracted but they discus Leslie's case. The topic turns to Nick. Avery wants to scream because she can't justify what he did. Leslie tells her that it's time to think with her heart, not her lawyer's brain.

At the station, Michael asks Paul why Carmine is not being charged. Paul says Christine doesn't have enough information to do that. Carmine is led out in cuffs. He taunts Michael. Paul holds the lawyer back. Carmine keeps taunting him. Michael wants to kill him. Paul tells him to stop saying things like that. Leslie shows up and demands that her client be released. After some fiery arguing from the lawyers, Paul allows her to take her client and go. Michael howls and trashes a desk.

Gloria arrives at the hospital and starts moaning to Lauren, who informs her that Fenmore has been using drugs. "He went from t-ball to overdose," sobs the redhead. Gloria blames her for this and lectures her for having an affair with the 'low life in a speedo'. Lauren reminds Gloria that her mothering skills are questionable too, but she still takes the blame. Gloria's relieved to hear that she and Michael are back together anyway. The topic turns back to the 'Adonis' with a 'six pack you can suck through a straw'. Gloria offers to have him whacked. Lauren turns that down. Later, Michael arrives after Gloria is gone. Lauren blames herself for what happened to their son but he blames Carmine and promises to stop him from hurting them again.

Carmine is at Crimson Lights watching a sex video he made of himself and Lauren.

Nick shows up at the Abbott house. Jack lets him in. Phyllis is reluctant to go but Jack wants to do this alone. "I'm real sorry," says Nick. Jack clobbers him and then demands some answers. Nick explains that he was just trying to fill the hole left inside after losing Cassie. He spent years convincing himself that she was his daughter. Jack tells him that he has cheated her out of all of his daughter's firsts. They are gone forever and he won't feel sorry for him. Nick envies him. "You stole her past. Her future is mine," Jack says. Nick walks out. Jack calls Kyle and leaves a message. He picks up a bottle, contemplates it and puts it down.

At home, Sharon and Faith are playing with dolls. Sharon promises that everything will be okay and they just need to show her daddy how much they love him.

Summer is at Crimson Lights. She's been crying and starts to explain to her friend that it is Nick's fault. Sharon and Faith show up. The kid wonders why she is crying. Summer claims they are just happy tears because her family is so great. Later, Sharon runs into Phyllis, who brushes past her. She tries calling her daughter without luck.

Summer shows up at the Abbott house. She asks Jack if there's a how-to book for this. He says the sales for that one must be lousy. Jack tells her she can take her time. She doesn't have to go down this road if she doesn't want to. Summer still doesn't know how she feels. They recall her birth. "If you let me, I'd like to get to know you as my daughter," he says. She likes him and says he's the best thing that ever happened to her mom. They discuss Kyle. She cries as she talks about all the love she still feels for the people she thought were her family. He tells her that love doesn't need to go anyway. Jack holds her as she cries about how much she wants to hate Nick but can't.

Avery goes to Nick's. She reads the sympathetic note that Sharon left for him and groans. She drinks tea until Nick shows up. "I need you Avery," he says. She starts cleaning. He wonders if she has been thinking. She knows it was hard for him to lose Cassie. His heart told him that Summer was his. The lawyer is having a hard time with what he did, but she is determined to stick with him.

Cassie's ghost pays her mom a visit at home. Sharon tells her that no one knows Nick's pain like she does. She wants to help him… or this will all have been for nothing. Sharon justifies why she changed the results. She thinks she and Nick can be happy again as longs as Nick never finds out that Summer is really his daughter.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tuesday on The Young and the Restless:

"He's been a wonderful dad," Phyllis says. Summer points out that he's not her dad.

"He took the family I should have had," Jack says.

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