I'm No One.

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Summer is miserable, Nick talks to Victor, and Avery advises Chelsea.

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At Dylan's place, he tells Stitch how he and Chelsea got together. They talk about not getting much sleep after a baby arrives, which leads to talk about Afghanistan. "All we can do is live with what happened." Stitch imparts advice about marriage. He advises Dylan to show Chelsea who he really is. He warns Dylan about self-destructing if he keeps this stuff inside.

Chelsea asks Avery for advice about Dylan at Crimson Lights and wonders about the war. Avery admits she didn't push him to talk about it - she was just grateful he was alive. Avery realizes Chelsea doesn't know that he was presumed dead. She talks about finding out from Dylan's dad and tears up. Avery still doesn't know how he survived and got home. She urges Chelsea to keep trying to get Dylan to open up.

In Chicago, Phyllis tells Summer she has to get out of bed; they need to go home. Summer is upset about Nick and worried about what everyone will think. "I'm no one, Mom. I don't belong to anyone anymore." Phyllis insists genetics have nothing to do with family. She talks about Summer growing up with the Newmans. She urges her to deal with this head on and reminds her she's a supergirl. She's still 'Nick Newman's kid'. Summer asks if she's forgiven him. Phyllis is working on it. They hug.

Nick arrives at the ranch. Victor talks about their upcoming fundraiser, but realizes something's wrong. Nick says wrong doesn't begin to cover it. "I'm not Summer's biological father." Nick explains. He says when Summer started getting serious about Kyle, he had to know the truth. Victor's gobsmacked. He realizes that means Jack is her father. He announces this is a sick joke - Jack has been trying to best him for years. Nick asks if he'll abandon Summer now. Victor agrees not to make it a competition with Jack at Summer's expense. Victor says she's part of their family no matter what the damn test says.

Lily and Abby compliment Mason on his mixologist skills at The Underground. Lily apologizes for Devon taking him off the campaign. The girls toast to make-up as Tyler sidles up. They talk about their late-night work sessions. Abby notes they were great collaborators. Lily mentions how solid her marriage is and that she's meeting Cane. Tyler invites Abby to his and Noah's party later. Mason invites himself too.

Courtney arrives at Noah's place and is relieved to hear Summer is coming home. Noah says everything will go back to normal. They chat about themselves until Tyler and Mason arrive and announce they're having models over. Courtney wants to stay. People soon start arriving, including Abby. She lets Tyler know she's single and asks about him inviting the two brunettes. He says he needs to break old habits, feels her blonde hair, and pulls her aside for a passionate kiss. Abby decides she loved that so much she needs to go home. Old Abby would have jumped into bed with him...

At Boulevard, Cane joins Neil and asks him to join him and Lily for dinner later. Neil declines. Cane spots Hilary and steps away. Neil flashes to drinking in the Evanston Pub. Jill appears. Across the room, Cane tells Hilary he doesn't know what he'd do without her. Hilary glances at Jill and tells Cane there's been a new incident. She says Jill warned her not to push the boundaries of their relationship. Meanwhile, Jill and Neil discuss Hilary. Neil's glad she's helping Lily and Cane spend time together. Jill confides about Billy gambling again. Neil gives advice based on being an addict. He recalls his own relapse. Jill thinks he's wise. Lily appears and mentions the latest GC Buzz to Neil. Jill asks him about it. He doesn't want to discuss it. Lily joins Cane. Hilary says his mind wasn't on work anyway. Over dinner, Cane tells Lily she's the most important thing in his life. Hilary watches out of the corner of her eye as they kiss. Across the room, Neil fills Jill in on the blogger since they just posted a warning about trying to ignore them. Jill wishes Neil luck as she leaves. He flashes to drinking in Evanston and reading about Dru being presumed dead in the headlines.

Chelsea arrives at home. Stitch says he's heading out - the next time he sees them will be at their wedding. She asks Dylan if they made progress. He takes her to see the taps they installed. She wants to do something for him by allowing him to confide in her. He doesn't want to bring that hell into this. She's there when he's ready.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer says to Nick, "We will never know what our lives could have been like."

Jack tells Traci that Phyllis knew Summer was his and never said a word to him.

Dylan tells Chelsea, "Her family saved my life and it cost them theirs. They're all dead because of me."

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