Falling Into Place.

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Melanie gets fired, Fen lies, and Nikki and Victoria return.

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At the station, Kevin asks Paul when he'll get his badge and handcuffs. Paul says he's a computer specialist. Michael bursts in and asks Paul to arrest Carmine. "He tried to kill my son." Michael rants that Carmine gave Fen methamphetamines. Paul needs evidence. All Michael has is Fen's word. Paul says Michael and Fen have a strong motive to get Carmine out of their lives. Michael says he's back with Lauren; he has no motive. Paul agrees to look into it. Kevin wishes his marriage was back on track.

Carmine looks into Fen's hospital room. Lauren spots him and confronts him. Carmine looks confused when she says he's the reason Fen's in the hospital. "You were the one who gave Fen the drugs." Carmine says he tried to warn her that Fen was looking for drugs but she didn't answer her phone. "I didn't do this." Michael and Paul arrive as Carmine appeals to Lauren to believe him. Michael goes ballistic. Carmine protests that Fen got the drugs from someone else. Paul takes him for questioning. Lauren and Michael rejoin Fen. Michael asks Fen if he's certain Carmine supplied the drugs. Fen claims Carmine came looking for him and offered to hook him up. Michael says one way or another he'll pay.

Victor asks about Adam's personal life at the Club. Adam says he's taken his advice. Near the stairs, Adam tells Melanie, "You know what to do." He warns her not to underestimate his father. Melanie joins Victor, and assures him Adam doesn't suspect a thing. When Melanie says some of Adam's funding is coming from Asia, Victor asks what she's being paid to lie. Melanie plays dumb. Victor warns her not to bet on Adam over him. She caves and tells him everything. Victor fires her. Later, she tells Adam what went down. She wants to continue seeing him and working for him. Adam says she failed and was out-classed. He dumps her.

Neil and Leslie discuss the blogger at Boulevard. Neil's plan is to ignore them - they might just give up. Leslie's concerned they might step up the attacks instead. Talk turns to Rose's letters. Leslie says she went over them and found something disturbing. She reads a letter that begs Gus not to cut her off. She doesn't care if he's in prison; his letters give her a reason to get out of bed. Leslie clucks that Gus didn't even know she passed away in 2007 in Evanston, and talks about how Gus was trying to make things up to her by naming her in his will. Later, Neil recalls drinking in Evanston.

Nikki and Victoria are back at the ranch. Nikki asks what Victoria's decided about her marriage. Nikki says Billy made a compelling pitch to her for a second chance, and explains how Victor interrupted their talk. They discuss Nikki and Billy being addicts. Nikki admits she nearly slipped after her MS diagnosis. She'd be a hypocrite not to help Billy recover. Victoria's still worried about danger and thinks he betrayed their family. Nikki says their family needs help. Later, Victor arrives with news of a fundraiser for Nikki to run. He gets to complaining about Billy. Nikki tells him not to try to manipulate things. Victor thinks Billy is a disastrous choice for her.

On the patio, Chloe tells Billy that Delia's doing better, but he looks rough. She wonders if he got drunk before, during, or after his Gamblers Anonymous meeting. Billy admits he gambled instead. She points out that he has triggers. He can't respond by being self-destructive. Chloe assures him she's on his side. She acknowledges the serious issues she's had with him in the past, but he's always been there for Delia. Billy thinks if Delia can beat cancer, he can beat this. Delia overhears and asks if he's sick. He says he's going to get better. Later, Kevin appears. He sees Delia and tells Chloe that Michael is back with Lauren, and he got a job at the police station. He did it for her. She says he has to want it for himself.

Victoria finds Billy at Boulevard. They make small talk about DC, Reed, and Delia. Vikki says she spoke to Nikki about addiction and asks about his GA meeting. He's distracted by a man at the bar. Vikki watches as the man gives him his winnings. Billy promises to go to a meeting today. Victoria leaves, feeling like a fool. A man in the restaurant calls Victor, who is pleased everything is falling into place. Billy downs a drink. Melanie appears. She complains about Adam. He pours her a shot.

Carmine wants his lawyer at the station. Leslie appears, "She's here."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan tells Stitch there's lots of things he doesn't know about Chelsea. Stitch encourages Dylan. "You've got to show her the real you."

Chelsea asks Avery if Dylan ever talked to her about what happened in the war.

Nick tells Victor he's not Summer's biological father.

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