It's All Been A Lie.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Summer and Jack learn the truth about her paternity, Chelsea and Dylan entertain, and Michael confronts Carmine.

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At Dylan's place, he shocks Chelsea by telling her he's invited Jeff and Anita over. She's keen to postpone, but they're already at the door. Anita gasps in horror. "Is this where you live?" Dylan says the place is an empty canvas. Jeff chuckles when Chelsea says money isn't the point. He laughs that she's the opposite of 'upwardly mobile'. Chelsea's upset. Anita insists they want the best for them. Jeff gives Dylan the third degree, but Chelsea warns no one's buying the concerned father routine. They eat and talk turns to baby names. Jeff offends Chelsea again. Dylan informs them he's not rich and he's not Adam Newman, who wasn't smart enough to make Chelsea happy. Once alone, Chelsea tells Dylan they only care about money. Dylan says she and her mother talk without saying anything - he wonders what he's missing.

Michael and Lauren enter Fen's hospital room. Michael orders Carmine out and follows. "What did you do to my son?" Carmine explains what happened. He hopes Fen can get through this. Michael tells him to shut up. Carmine insists he may have saved Fen's life. Michael returns to Lauren and tells her what Carmine said. Lauren blames herself. The doctor says Fen ingested a powerful methamphetamine. Lauren pleads with Fen to wake up. Michael leaves. Lauren worries he's gone after Carmine. He returns with coffee. Fen awakens. Michael asks how this happened. Fen says, "Carmine."

In Summer's hotel room she asks Nick what he did. What could he ever do that she wouldn't forgive him for? Nick explains when she was born there was a chance she wasn't his. He gives her the background story. She realizes she was born out of an affair. "That is the worst." Summer assures him they'll get through this, but he says there's more. Nick tells her about the paternity test. "Jack is your biological father, Summer." She accuses him of doing anything to keep her from Kyle. He says he's so sorry. Summer panics. "You're my dad!" She wishes he hadn't told her. "Why now? Why ever?" Summer realizes all through growing up he knew he might not be her father. "It's all been a lie." She talks about him ruining her day and mentions Kyle. She realizes that he told her because she's been falling in love with her brother. Nick says Kyle doesn't know yet.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack angrily invites Phyllis to come up with an excuse for why she kissed Kyle. She says it was extreme measures - she had to convince Kyle not to be with Summer. Jack scoffs. He wonders if she really expects him to believe she seduced his son to protect her daughter. Phyllis hollers that she does. "Because she's your daughter!" Jack is stunned. Phyllis explains about Nick and the paternity test. Jack tears up and gasps, "All this time she was mine." Jack asks if Summer knows. Phyllis says Nick is telling her. Jack turns on Phyllis for lying. She says she's only known for a few weeks. Jack growls, "What am I supposed to do with this?" Phyllis is concerned about him staying clean. Jack rants. He wonders why Nick decided to tell the truth after all these years. He twigs. "Kyle and Summer. That's why you kissed Kyle." Phyllis admits she was stalling because Nick needed more time. He orders her out. She doesn't want to leave him alone. He wants half the courtesy she gave to Nick. "Get out of my house now." Once alone, Jack completely breaks down. He recalls Summer's birth and John appears to ask him to take a deep breath and not add to the mistakes. He warns him to think of Summer. Jack feels robbed. John urges caution. Jack picks up the scotch as John hollers.

Carmine returns to Boulevard. He warns a mouthy customer not to mess with him tonight. Anita and Jeff come in. He confronts her about still thinking Adam's the daddy. He wants the truth.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis leaves Nick a message that she's on the way to Chicago.

In Chicago, Nick tells Summer that he and her mother will help her through this. She cries. "Don't come near me!" She doesn't know how to do this, and tells him to go away. Phyllis arrives. Summer hisses that this is her fault too! Nick says Phyllis didn't find out until a few weeks ago and wanted to tell her right away. Summer asks if Jack knows. Phyllis says he does now. Summer won't leave with Nick, who insists he'll always love her. He goes and Phyllis holds Summer as she sobs.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael tells Paul he wants Carmine arrested. He tried to kill his son.

A guy gives Billy his winnings. Vikki appears. "Bluffing always pays off big for you."

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