Loyalty's Hot.

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

The search is on for Summer, Stitch and Chelsea meet, and Lauren is frustrated.

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Michael arrives home to find Lauren waiting with wine and music on. He says she looks dazzling. They eat, and when it's time for dessert, Michael pulls her close. They start kissing, but Michael stops. Lauren's frustrated. Michael says things are improving. She wants to know where they stand. Michael has to take this one step at a time.

Carmine's in bed with the Lauren lookalike in his suite. He keeps calling her Lauren. She says she's Marty. He says not tonight. Later, he offers her chocolate-covered strawberries if she'll stay. She says pretending to be someone else is getting creepy. She thinks whoever Lauren is, she's missing out. After, Carmine recalls secretly videotaping his sex with Lauren. He watches a bit of it and thinks.

At the Abbott house, Nick examines the text Summer sent to Kyle. Jack says he consoled her and she seemed fine when she left. Nick says Sharon called because it sounded like Summer was saying goodbye to Faith. "I think our daughter has run away." Arguing ensues. Nick blames Kyle. Phyllis calls Courtney who can't help. They ask Kyle if they had a special spot to go. They didn't. Kyle goes to check her room. Nick gets on the phone. Jack asks Phyllis what she was going to tell him before.

Mason brings a date into The Underground and chats with Noah about how famous he and Summer will be. Mason takes a call and returns, down. He says Devon is revamping the campaign and he's out. His date ditches him. Noah suggests he work there. They wonder if Summer's heard she's a solo star. Noah gets a call from Nick saying Summer ran away. Noah hasn't heard from her. Later, Courtney arrives, excited that Noah called her. He wants to know where Summer is. Courtney insists she doesn't know. Noah says her loyalty's hot. He holds her hand and asks again. She tells him, but texts Summer a heads up.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Dylan she can't wait to meet Stitch. Dylan twigs that she wants Stitch to dish on him. Stitch appears and introductions are made. Chelsea wants to hear stories. She learns Stitch is a medic who met Dylan when he fell off a camel. More stories are told. Stitch shows off photos of his three year-old son. Avery arrives as Dylan talks about being in the delivery room for the birth. Dylan introduces Avery to Stitch who says he'll return for Dylan and Chelsea's wedding. Avery takes a call from Nick about Summer. She steps on the patio. Dylan appears. "Do you want to talk about it?" Avery admits there's some trouble with Nick. He urges her to fight for love. Chelsea watches. She and Stitch discuss Dylan's past with Avery. He says Dylan deserves to be happy after everything that happened, but doesn't elaborate. Before he leaves, Stitch encourages Dylan to tell Chelsea everything. They talk about Sully. After, Chelsea tells Dylan she's there when he wants to talk about Afghanistan.

At the Abbott house, Kyle reports that Summer left her laptop. They are encouraged. Once alone, Jack asks Kyle for the real reason he ended it with Summer. "Did Phyllis have something to do with this?" Kyle says he regrets what happened.

Nick grills Phyllis at the tackhouse about what she did to keep Summer and Kyle apart. Phyllis avoids answering - she just wants to find Summer. They bicker about him telling Avery and Phyllis storms out. Avery arrives to help search. Nick hugs her. Phyllis returns. They've all hit dead ends. Noah arrives. Courtney told him Summer's in Chicago. Nick and Phyllis leave immediately.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Cane she knows his assistant ratted her out. He says it's basically a declaration of war.

At the hospital, Chloe says into the phone, "Delia's in the hospital, she has a really bad fever."

Billy asks Nikki if she's on Victor's side now.

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