Solid Hour Of Bliss.

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Adam gets amorous, Phyllis runs interference, and Dylan invites Chelsea to move in.

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Phyllis arrives home where Jack tells her they have the place to themselves. Billy arrives. Phyllis takes off. Jack realizes Billy needs to talk. Billy admits to winning Boulevard in a card game and to gambling again. Jack asks how much he's lost. "More than I ever thought possible," Billy replies. He wonders if screwing up is in their DNA. Jack says it must have come from their moms. They talk about every day being a struggle when you're an addict. Jack tells Billy he'll never be alone as long as he's around. They remember the past. Billy says Jack always cared about his well being.

Abby visits Victoria at home. They discuss her kicking Billy out. Victoria clarifies that he didn't cheat on her. Abby's confused. Victoria says he's gambling again - he won Boulevard in a poker game. Abby thinks they can work this out. Victoria can't go through anything like the kidnapping again. They debate. Victoria rants that he put her and the children at risk. Abby says he's an addict and he made a mistake; she can't let it ruin everything. Talk turns to Abby's love life. She says she's not Alex's top priority - he's not the one. Abby mentions Vikki and Billy giving the kids brothers and sisters. Vikki ushers her out and goes to her tablet. She counts and gasps, "Oh no." She leaves, and returns with a pregnancy test.

Melanie meets Adam at the Club. He admits he's frustrated about trying to get to know her. They bond over their exes thinking they spent too much time at work. He invites her upstairs for a solid hour of bliss. She wants an hour and a half.

Upstairs in a suite, Adam and Melanie kiss and land on the bed. After they have sex, Melanie asks Adam where he went. Talk turns to Victor. Melanie thinks he's brilliant and it must be great to work for him. Adam sets her straight - he doesn't work for his father. When he goes to shower, Melanie calls Victor to report that she's gotten closer to Adam. Adam hears.

Dylan and Chelsea wake up together in Chelsea's suite. She goes on about the luxurious shower there. He wonders if she can settle for functional, because that's what she'll be getting if she marries him. Chelsea assures him she will be happy at the loft with him. He invites her to move in with him. They embrace. Chelsea moons that this is what happiness feels like. She gets a call from Chloe about a meeting. Chloe hears nuzzling. Chelsea hangs up.

Kyle and Summer are about to kiss at Crimson Lights when Phyllis busts in between them. She talks about having to drag Kyle out of bed and all the wine they drank in Chicago. She laughs that he charmed all the women there. They enthusiastically plan on going to Vegas next. Summer stews. Kyle gets Phyllis a drink and forgets a refill for Summer. Summer tells Phyllis they want time alone. Phyllis asks Kyle to help her plan a party for Jack. He says, "Sure." Phyllis thinks Summer should spend time with Jack.

Chelsea arrives at work to find Chloe grumbling to Delia's bride doll. Chelsea beams. "He asked me to move in with him." Chloe's not overly impressed, after all, they're getting married and having a baby. Chelsea remarks that the best relationship she's ever had is all based on a lie. Chelsea complains it's going to get harder to hide that she's further along than she's said. Chloe doesn't think she needs to worry and tells her to enjoy. Later, Billy arrives with Delia's groom doll. Chloe tells him she and Dee are both there for him. She commends him for always making their daughter a priority. They hug.

Dylan arrives at work to find his buddy Stitch there. Stitch says Dylan looks a lot better than the last time he saw him. Dylan says he's getting married and becoming a father. Stitch assumes it's Avery, but Dylan says his fiancee is Chelsea.

Phyllis and Kyle arrive at the Abbott house with balloons and party supplies. Kyle says he's glad she moved in. When Phyllis slips while hanging a banner, Kyle catches her. They start kissing. Abby enters.

At the Club, Summer tells Jack she asked him to lunch to get advice about her modeling career. Jack tells her she needs to think about her education, but then realizes she didn't really ask him there for advice. He guesses Phyllis is planning a party for his birthday. Summer spills all. Jack practices his surprised face.

Chelsea packs in her suite, crying while remembering the letter Adam wrote to Baby Newman. She puts his baby blanket gift in the charity box.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Avery says to Nick, "I know you denied it, but this is about Summer, isn't it?"

Paul tells Carmine to stay away from Fen. Carmine says Paul should stay away; he's the one who killed his own son.

Abby asks Kyle what the hell he is doing. "I saw you kiss Phyllis."

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