Ticking Down.

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Michael and Lauren reconnect, Lily opens up to Cane, and Billy and Chloe help Delia.

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Michael arrives at home to find Lauren gritting her teeth over Fen's offensive music. Fen appears and says he's leaving. Michael and Lauren have takeout and discuss Fen. They recall their first date - they had Chinese food and went to a movie. Lauren remembers the female lead fell in love even though she was married. Michael sighs; they can't get away from it. Lauren notes the thirty days are ticking down. They decide to watch an Austin Powers movie for laughs and share a kiss.

At home, Lily tells Cane that Tyler originally left the campaign because of her. They couldn't work together because things got out of hand. Cane asks why she didn't come to him. She says she felt it would make things worse. Cane asks if she returned his feelings. Lily flashes to kissing Tyler. She tells Cane there's something he should know. Lily admits she enjoyed the attention from Tyler, but says she loves Cane. Cane chastises himself for working long hours and promises not to take her for granted.

At the station, Alex talks to Kevin about a coin worth $200,000. He wonders about him and Chloe and whether Kevin was the one who returned the stolen goods to their owners. Kevin exits as Abby appears. She asks why Alex is wasting his energy. He is trying to be a positive influence. Abby complains that Alex volunteered to cover for a shift and will miss their date. He says he needs the money. She wants to discuss their financial differences. He insists he doesn't resent her having money and they bicker. He thinks she's trying to pick a fight. She walks out.

Jill tells Hilary, at Crimson Lights, that she should continue to free-up Cane's nights and weekends by deferring projects to her. Hilary is onto Jill, but Jill knows Hilary has money troubles and offers pay her to do double-duty.

At Boulevard, Carmine wonders why Billy's dry cleaning is there. Billy says he's not welcome at home; he confessed to gambling. Carmine says a guy came by looking for action - nothing stopping him now. Devon arrives, followed by Tyler, who complains that he got him fired. He tells him the only reason he got the job was to keep Lily and him apart. Devon argues that Tyler never cared about Jabot; only seducing Lily. Tyler says Lily doesn't need him to speak for her. Billy intervenes. Devon gives Tyler a warning about Lily. Fen appears and asks Carmine to stop texting him. Carmine wants to explain why the affair happened. He talks about Lauren being angry and upset over Michael having him arrested. He suggests Fen cut Lauren some slack, and insists he's really his friend. Fen tells him to go to hell. Jill stops in to see Billy, who says Vikki kicked him out. Jill talks to him about fighting his addiction. She tells him she believes in his strength. Billy is on the phone with Gambler's Anonymous when Abby appears. She surprised to hear he got kicked out. Abby joins Tyler, who has just finished with Devon. She likes that he's confident and interested in her job. Alex shows up. Abby leaves with him.

Chloe's at work with Delia, who is playing bride and groom with her dolls. She asks if they're Chelsea and Dylan. Delia says, "It's you and Kevin." Kevin arrives and Delia asks about going home. Chloe tells her they're getting divorced. Delia is sad they won't live with Kevin again. They both assure Delia it's not her fault. Chloe cries as Delia hugs Kevin goodbye.

Hilary arrives at Cane and Lily's door. She tells Cane about Jill's offer. He says he'll handle it. After, Cane tells Lily tonight is about them. They kiss and make love.

Chloe and Delia find Billy at Boulevard. They discuss Delia going through a divorce. Billy says Kevin must stay in her life. Billy gives Delia a pep talk about being loved. Nearby, Carmine watches a video of Lauren on his phone, and Tyler leaves alone.

At Crimson Lights, Fen appears to do some kind of deal with a kid on the patio.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan asks Chelsea to move in.

Jack learns that Billy's gambling again.

Kyle catches Phyllis in his arms.

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