What Are You Driving At?

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Nick has a change of mind, Tyler gets fired and Phyllis starts to push.

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Nick is at Crimson Lights when he bumps into Avery. She still wants to put the wedding on hold and she wants to know what he is hiding. Avery flounces off. He tries calling Phyllis but she doesn't answer.

Traci and Jack are over at the Abbott house discussing whoopee cushions and her problems with Steve. She doesn't want to discuss the latter. After she goes out, Avery drops by. She and Jack discuss Nick. She needs some insight into him because actually speaking to Nick is like dealing with a pile of bricks. They discuss her sister and wonder what's going on with her. Jack's sure that Red is just worried about Summer 'spreading her wings'. Avery sees herself out.

Tyler meets with Noah at the bar and tells him that an editor he knows was impressed with his photos. "What the hell?" Tyler grumbles when he looks at his phone. He tells Noah that Devon has launched a rival campaign and he's miffed about it. He stomps off. Later, Nick drops by to look at the books. They talk about the wedding and what a great father Nick has been.

At the Club, Leslie tells Neil that the response to his latest post was not pretty. It asks him what his grandchildren would think if they knew what he was capable of. They ponder. She's still determined to find Rose. Tyler pops up as his sister departs. The men discuss what Devon came up with and Tyler complains about how his partner goes behind his back. Neil stares. "It can't keep going on like this," he says, explaining that he is taking Tyler off the project because he's a big sulker. When Tyler accuses him of nepotism, Neil fires him.

At home, Cane shows off his Super Daddy costume to Lily as she gets things ready for the kids' birthday party. Later, Devon arrives after Jill. The kids start running around. Traci arrives with more gifts. She and Lily talk about Colleen. Hilary shows up with pirate outfits. Jill cringes. Neil shows up next. He takes his son aside and fills him in about Tyler. Lily is not thrilled to overhear this conversation. Her father justifies the firing. Cane forbids business talk and they go off for cake. Once the party ends, Neil explains himself to his kids. After he and Devon leave, Cane asks Lily what she is really angry about. They rehash her quitting her job. She admits she quit because of Tyler.

Tyler goes back to the bar and tells Noah that Neil fired him because he fell for his daughter.

Hilary runs into Jill at Crimson Lights. They chat about the party and Jill tells her how indispensable she has become. Jill gushes about what a wonderful job she has been doing. Hilary guesses something is going on behind this praise.

Phyllis shows up in Kyle's hotel room while he's getting dressed. She tells him how incredible his performance last night was. She sighs and coos and gets them some drinks. Red asks him about what he and her daughter get up to. She leans over to expose her cleavage as she asks him if he regrets dating an 18 year old. He assures her that she doesn't need to protect her daughter from him. "You have no idea," she says. They drink a load of Caesars and she keeps repeating that she wants to protect Summer. He assures her that he has a genuine connection to her daughter. Phyllis asks him if he likes older women, takes off her jacket and throws her hair around. "What are you driving at?" he asks. Her phone starts ringing. It's Jack. "Did you accomplish everything you wanted to?" he asks. She says she made a good start. Nick calls and leaves her a message, saying that they have handled everything wrong and it's time to come clean.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"Lily ought to be able to live her own life and make her own decisions," Tyler says to Devon.

Cane questions Lily about Tyler.

Jill tells Billy to fight his addiction but he's afraid it's already too late.

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